Netflix’s latest Korean film, Space Sweepers (also called Victory) has become a crowd favourite, and rightly so. From being Korea’s first space film to ranking in the Top 10 on Netflix in at least 16 countries including the Philippines, France, Malaysia, India and South Korea – it has left no stone unturned. 


Starring Song Joong-ki of Descendants of The Sun fame in the lead role alongside Kim Tae-ri, Richard Armitage and Jin Seon-kyu, this movie is a fast-paced film set in space, accompanied by Priyadarshan-level confusion and chase scenes. 

Korean Herald

Written 10 years prior to seeing the light of the day, Space Sweepers is set in 2092, in a post-apocalyptic world where Earth is no longer habitable and a few handpicked humans are being given a chance to live on Mars. It tells the story of a band of ‘space sweepers’ who collect debris from space and get paid for it, until they get caught up in something much more sinister. 


There is also a little girl (or maybe an android robot who can kill millions), a sassy robot and a genius who wants space to be the next home (cue the Elon Musk reference).  

Though Korean, the film has actors from across the world and references from France, China, India, Nigeria and America as the characters represent different nationalities and speak their own languages. With power packed action scenes and references to Star Wars that we did not miss, the movie has something for everyone. It did leave a lot of unanswered questions so we’re hoping to have a second instalment soon! 

Watch the trailer here:

Led by people of colour and paired with impressive CGI that puts it in the same league as the Marvel films, Space Sweepers is one that you definitely should not miss.