The final season of Prime Video’s Jack Ryan is almost here and we’re super hyped for it. As a fan who used to be a naysayer, I have been completely won over by John Krasinski’s dope portrayal of Jack Ryan. I for one can never see him as Jim again, for me he will always be Jack! He has picked up a character previously portrayed by legends such as Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford and truly made it his own. 

Having said all that as a hardcore Jack Ryan fan I absolutely cannot wait to binge on the last season and here are 6 reasons why you should cancel all your weekend plans to binge it too! 

1. Jack steps into a new role.

In the final season, we also see another side of Jack. We see him step in as the acting deputy director of the CIA where he not only has to save the world but we also see him fight corruption that has plagued the CIA. The double whammy truly sets things up for an unforgettable finale. 

2. An Unbeatable Enemy 

This time the enemy is a notorious combination of a terrorist organization fused with a drug cartel! An enemy with unlimited resources and undying hatred helmed by Louis Ozawa adds a menacing shade of evil to the final season. Jack truly has his odds against him in the final installment of this epic adventure.

3. Impressive New Additions 

The final season brings to us the “deadliest CIA operative” in Michael Peña as Domingo “Ding” Chavez and honestly, that coming from Jack Ryan himself has us on the edge of our seats already. Along with him, we have another addition in Louis Ozawa as “Chao Fah” whose menacing character we can’t wait to explore. With these stellar additions to the ‘Ryanverse,’ we’re already on the edge of our seats even before hitting play on Episode 1. 

    4. Fan Favourite returns

    This final season also sees a fan-favourite character make a comeback. We see Cathy Mueller played by Abbie Cornish back in Jack’s life and with a ‘will they, won’t they’ element to their character we can’t wait to see how this ends. 

    5. An Onslaught of Explosive Action 

    Tantalizing action scenes are a mainstay for every Jack Ryan fan, whether they are gripping fight sequences or eye-catching explosions but for the penultimate season, they have taken it up a notch. Taking finishing with a bang quite literally! 

      6. A Supporting Cast We Can Simp Over

      With a supporting cast of Wendell Pierce as “James Greer”, Michael Kelly as “Mike November” and Betty Gabriel as “Elizabeth Wright” Prime Video probably has the best-supporting cast in the business who always delivers. So, we can’t wait to see how they take their characters to the next level! 

        7. Fan theories on what’s next! 

        Even though this is the final season there has been a lot of speculation of a Jack Ryan spin-off with Michael Peña and if the trailer is anything to go by then we definitely WANT this to be true! 

        As a fan of the show I’ve already bought packets of popcorn, and made my couch the comfiest spot in the house. This is one binge-worthy show that refuses to disappoint and always leaves us wanting more. Even though I will be sad to see one of my favourite shows come to an end, I cannot wait to get started on it and binge-watch it! Bottom line? John Krasinski has proved yet again that he’s a bonafide action star, who can do much more than commit identity theft to prank an office colleague and we are high-key loving it.

        So buckle up for Jack Ryan’s final adventure and watch it on Prime Video on June 30th.