In a recent interview, Ranbir Kapoor, when asked about his father Rishi Kapoor’s rather unbridled Twitter rants, had this to say. “Good thing is back then (when he was younger) there was no Twitter. Otherwise, I don’t know what he (Rishi) would’ve written.”

We are not sure what the Jagga Jasoos star will have to say about his father’s latest Twitter controversy though. 

Yesterday, while the nation was cheering for the Indian women’s cricket team, who were playing the English cricket team at the World Cup finals at Lords, Mr Rishi Kapoor cracked a rather inappropriate joke.

The  tweet attracted several responses, most of which wondered if he was drunk while posting the image. 

However, Rishi responded to the angry tweets and wrote:

The actor insisted that his tweet was misunderstood. 


This is not the first Rishi Kapoor tweet to smell of sexism. But to be very fair, the man has also risked disapproval to talk about issues that are important to him. Starting from beef ban to rants against the Gandhi family, Rishi Kapoor has not bothered mincing words. 

Here are some of instants of Rishi Kapoor indulging in Rishi-Kapoorism. 

1) When he shared a lewd tweet on Hillary Clinton and got trolled.

He tweeted a meme which was apparently shared with him by Abhishek Bachchan. The meme had a picture of Hillary Clinton coughing against the mike and the text read, “Monika, is this right?” which reads like a joke gone terribly wrong. He was probably referring to Monika Lewinsky, the White House intern with whom Hillary Clinton’s husband and former president Bill Clinton had an affair. The people on Twitter fumed over his tweet and called him misogynistic, sexist and insensitive.

2) When he wrote a rather inappropriate tribute to cricketer Hanif Muhammad’s 

Many felt that this was not an appropriate tribute to a legendary cricketer. 

3) When he posted a map of Delhi, highlighting the places named after the Nehrus and  Gandhis (actually, kudos for that). 

He had posted a thread of tweets, slamming the Congress Party for naming important places- like roadways, railways, airports etc after the Nehrus and Gandhis.

4) When he tweeted about exercising a personal choice and keeping religion out of meal choices (again, the only Bollywood actor to talk about this controversial issue). 

The veteran Bollywood actor faced a vicious attack on social media for his tweets against the Maharashtra beef ban.

(Feature Image Source: PTI)