Children are known for their pure hearts and their vivid imagination. Be it books or movies, children can immerse in any of it fully and create their own imaginary worlds. Exactly for the same reason, their are some exceptional animation and children movies that time and again open doors for a whole new world. 

So, for this Children’s Day we have curated the best IMDb kids movies which people of any age can watch and enjoy. 

1. The Lion King (1994) (8.5) 

This is one of those iconic movies that introduced us to Hakuna Matata. The movie which made us cry after Mufasa’s death and laugh after at Timon and Pumba’s jokes all at the same time. 

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2. Coco  (8.4)

Pixar and Disney’s Coco is all about an aspiring singer Miguel whose family does not let him play music. The entire movie is based concept inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday and takes us through Miguel’s colourful musical journey.    


3. Wall-E (8.4) 

A little waste collecting robot from the future goes on a space adventure to save the mankind. 


4. Toy Story (8.3)

This movie pretty much was the beginning of Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s journey as Andy’s toys. The movie showed how Woody tried to hatch a plan to get rid of the Space Ranger only to find out that they can be friends. 

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5. Up (8.2) 

A lovely story of an old Carl Fredricksen and a kid named Russel who travel to Paradise Falls in Carl’s house which is equipped with balloons. The story is not only heartwarming but surely makes one cry at the end of it. 


6. Inside Out (8.1) 

Riley is ajust a girl who moves to a new city. The only problem here is that she is controlled by her emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness who help her navigate this new journey. 

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7. Finding Nemo (8.1) 

A clownfish sets on a journey to find his only son who has been captured by the Great Barrier Reef. On the way, he makes many friends who help him sail through. 

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8. Beauty and the Beast (1991) (8) 

A young and beautiful Belle enters the mansion of a prince who has been cursed to live as a monster until he finds true love. 


9.  Toy Story 2 (7.9)

Buzz and his friends are go on a quest to find Woody, who gets stolen by a toy collector. But little do they know that Woody has become a property of a museum and has some new friends. 

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10. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (7.8) 

A wholesome story of a friendly alien who lands on Earth by mistake and finds a kid who helps him reach his planet. 


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