You wouldn’t be mistaken if you confuse the term flamboyance with Ambanis. We’re talking about the wealthiest family of India, after all.

According to sources, Reliance Industries Limited Chairman Mukesh Ambani and his family are expected to split their time between London and Mumbai in the future.

The family plans to make a 300-acre country club in Buckinghamshire, Stoke Park that they bought for Rs. 592 crore earlier this year, their primary house. 


They’ll be splitting their time between the 49-bedroom London mansion and their Altamount Road home.

The family felt the need for a second house after spending the pandemic at their 4,00,000 square foot Altamount Road home, Antilia. 

Additionally, they also wanted a property that’s situated in an open space rather than a vertical building like the one in Mumbai. 


A pool in the extravagant hotel that stands on the Stoke Park property.

They have decided to incorporate a medical centre, inside the premises, which is like a mini hospital. The family is also close to negotiating another deal for a hospital in the UK. According to reports, there are two private hospitals that the team has settled on, one of which is a boutique hospital and the other is under construction.


Diwali is generally celebrated with grandeur at their Mumbai home, but this year they enjoyed it outside of the country and after this, they’re likely to return to Mumbai. They are expected to move to their UK mansion in April.