Netflix’s latest film about surrogacy, Mimi has become the talk of the town. The internet is applauding the filmmakers for picking this topic and talking about surrogacy-victims who are often left stranded, after the parents of the child back out. 

However, while Mimi gets a lot of things right, it also makes you uncomfortable with a few. For example, when her doctor suggests an abortion, stating that this is what most women who are left abandoned by the parents of the child, choose to do so. 

Mimi, in return goes on a rant about how the child is alive inside her and she can’t kill a breathing, eating child.

Women from countries across the world are fighting for a right over their bodies, and then there is Mimi, who openly shames women who choose to have an abortion. Why? It takes us back decades, just this simple scene, which scraps the character of women who choose to pick themselves, over a foetus. 

This reduces the pain of women who have gone through an abortion due to their health, victims of violence or even those who just didn’t think they were ready for a child. And there is nothing wrong with a woman having control over her own body. 


Maybe it is high time we normalise abortion too in movies, showing both sides of a coin instead of just the one that is accepted by society. Because even though Mimi talks about surrogacy and supportive parents, we wish we could have done so without this insensitive speech. 

The film’s stand on abortion leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth. Reducing yet another woman to her reproductive organ, who would drop everything to be a self-sacrificing ma

All images are screenshots from the movie on Netflix.