Modest and humble, these are a few things Rahul Dravid is known for in addition to his legendary on-field skills.   

Time and again his personality has amused us and an old MTV Bakra video makes us an even bigger fan of this cricket legend.      

In this old 2010 video, Dravid fell victim to a mischievous prank. A fake journalist supposedly came to interview Rahul and ended up proposing to him and asked him to marry her. He not only tried to convince the girl to change her mind but was also interrupted by the girl’s fake father who pestered him to marry his daughter.                

But the best thing about the video was how Dravid AKA The Wall handled the situation without losing his cool. Not only was he courteous and convinced the girl to concentrate on her studies but was a true gentleman. 

Through this video, Dravid gave us fans another reason to love him whilst giving us lessons on how to never get overwhelmed with a situation. 

We didn’t think our respect for him could increase but it surely has. 

Watch the full video here : 

All images are sourced from the video.