During one of the episodes of Indian Idol, legend Rekha came as a guest. And while her overall charm was the talking point, as usual, there is one thing in particular that people can’t get over. 

It’s this witty response from her to one of the statements by Jay Bhanushali, the host of the show. 

The Indian Express

Referring to a woman, Jai said: 

Rekhaji, Nehu, kabhi aapne dekha hai ki koi aurat itna pagal horahi hai kisi aadmi ke liye, woh bhi shaadi shuda aadmi ke liye?
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To which Rekha replied:

Mujhse puchiye na.  

This left everyone stunned. As for Rekha, she whispered: 

Maine kuch nahi kaha.
The Indian Express

The judges didn’t know what to say, so they just gave her a standing ovation for her honesty. The people in the audience also stood up. 

Well, this is further proof that there is only one Rekha. You can watch the complete video here: