Eman Ahmed, once known as the world’s heaviest woman is all ready to be discharged from Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital where she came for a weight loss surgery in February. And before she leaves for Abu Dhabi for further treatment, special guests visited her. 

Singers Roopkumar and Sunali Rathod not only paid a visit to Ahmed on Monday but also sang a song for her. 

Doctor Mufazzal Lakdawala, the surgeon who treated Eman, took to Twitter to post a video, where the couple can be seen trying to  cheer her up.

Eman, weighing 500 kg was brought to Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital on February 11 for a bariatric surgery. While she currently weighs 177 kg, her sister Shaimaa Salem recently uploaded a video alleging that Eman had not been treated in the best possible manner and the doctors had been making “false claims” about her health

Soon after she shared the video, Shaimaa invited a team of doctors from Abu Dhabi’s VPS Burjeel Hospital to check on Eman’s condition. After examination, it was denounced that Eman is fit to travel and is on a fast recovery. 

“We are extremely happy and pleased with her progress and wish her all the best,” added Lakdawala.

(Feature Image source: Twitter / Roop Sunali Rathod)