Naina Talwar, who had a billion dreams and a warm heart, had a breathtaking transformation throughout the movie. From a naive woman with a strong career plan to an independent woman with true happiness filled in her heart, her ride was beyond beautiful to witness.

In fact, we believe that she was one of the clearest and most sorted people in the entire movie because she always knew what she was doing. She never wanted anyone’s sugar-coated advice or unwanted opinions.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

When her mother, in the beginning, called her friend wild, she was quick to school her that everyone’s priorities are different in life and she’s just having fun in her life. She also puts her point forward that she deserves a break too.

As soon as she realises the same, she doesn’t think twice and flies out on the life-changing trip. She leaves a letter at home and doesn’t turn back, which explained to us how everyone has been treating her as an underdog but she’s a strong woman.

She steps out of her comfort zone and experiences adventures with a bunch of strangers. In fact, when her group lands in a terrible fight, she doesn’t run away and takes an equal part with her ‘new friends’.

While some people were there on the trip to just relax and have fun, others were there to brew new friendships. However, she, on the other hand, was there to do the things she loved – winning at things, laughing and just being herself.

She knew, in her heart, that she was taking a big ‘yaadon ka pitaara’ with her from that trip and lived each moment of the trip to its fullest.

Even when she knew that she has fallen in love, she didn’t shy away from it. She made it quite evident that he was all she wanted, forever.

However, when she realised that his dreams are as important to him as he was to her, she let him go, without grudges. She smiled, hugged him and asked him to live his life.

Apart from being an honest lover, she was also a brilliant friend. From being school acquaintances to strangers on the trip to best friends forever, she never left her friends’ side, not even through her tough phases in life.

When she’s reunited with her old lover, she never wished to pick it up where she left off. She turned a new page and started afresh. The duo had some comforting and hilarious conversations, without making a big deal out of it.

When other people bragged about their achievements in a foreign land, she never shied away from appreciating her own life and nation. From ‘bambai ki baarish’ and ‘gajar ka halwa’ to ‘haatho se bani hui mutton biryani’, each word she uttered made us think how grateful we should be.

She didn’t shy away from confessing her love, once again, and also, letting him go, once again.

And, it was her clarity of mind and simplicity that made him come back to her.

Naina, you were a piece of beauty!