In association with Thums Up

Imagine this: You’re cruising comfortably 36000 feet away on an airplane with a gentle hum pulling you into a sense of calm and suddenly you hear the cabin crew crackle through the speakers making an announcement. As anticipation builds, you sit and wonder, is it another turbulence warning? But instead of the usual safety reminders, you’re treated to an announcement that sends a jolt of surprise through the entire cabin. It is time to brace yourself because Thums Up is here to take our inflight entertainment to a whole new level!

What was the announcement you ask? The grand reveal of the one-of-a-kind campaign “Thums Up Toofan ”. That’s right, Thums Up, India’s iconic beverage brand known for its bold taste and electrifying spirit, has been the talk of the town with its latest campaign that isn’t just about a catchy slogan; it’s a full-blown adventure for die-hard cricket enthusiasts.

And now it’s time to relive the inflight announcement moment that took every passenger on board for a surprise because things are about to reach a new level!

The Crew members announced that Thums Up is taking their lucky winners to the heart of the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup action in the West Indies to experience cricketing history firsthand! But that’s not it! Thums Up Toofan is offering the lucky winners a plane packed with toofani surprises along the journey! And all you have to do is Scan the QR code on your next Thums Up bottle for a chance to win a seat on this incredible journey. This is more than just a flight experience, it is a chance to witness this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this history-making Thums Up campaign! Scan the QR code, follow Thums Up on social media, and get ready for a Toofani ride!