If there existed an award for a person who tries endlessly & still doesn’t see the sun rise ever, then we’d happily award Uday Chopra the honor each year. The Chopra boy has been part of some major disasters in his career, has come up with some real crazy dance moves & made some real weird facial expressions. And we’ll never forgive him for all that. However, we are totally forgiving him for this little me-myself & I trip he took few years back & gave the world his very own “website.”

We decided to take a little tour de Chopra website & unearth quite a few gems. For laughing sakes!

1. His website is called udaychopra.com. And the website actually starts with a gateway page.

2. And the entire screen is about him, sitting shirtless

‘I’m an actor’s actor. Therefore, I must sit naked and look like I am capable of thinking.’

3. Then goes on to call himself the most influential person on Twitter.

The most influential – yes. Right after KRK and some Twitter bots.

4. Actually gives options like ‘Myself’, ‘Filmography’, Gallery & Video Clips.

Details about me like my name and you know my surname.

5. And then we stumbled upon ‘download my bio-data’

‘In case you can’t get enough of me from my website you can download my bio-data and carry it with you. I’m considerate like that.’

6. To start off, his ‘myself’ section further divides itself into 4 different sections: School years, College years, Influences & wait for it..Trivia.

‘See, I know what interests you all, so I am absolutely going to be to-the-point’

But it ends with some not so useful trivia:

‘Just in case we never meet, you should know how to pronounce my name.’

7. Then he goes a step further, dares to put his ‘Filmography.’

‘Filmography talking about my hit films like Dhoom and…yeah that’s about it. 2006 is a good year to be in, forever.’

Along with his ‘behind the camera’ section. Extra credentials, here you go!

8. His gallery section totally nails it by letting users choose different types & sizes of wallpapers. NOT.

‘Photos of me giving different expressions that look exactly the same but are different but ultimately are just the same.’

9. And wait for it, he also offers his own video clips to the world.

‘Because watching my movies isn’t enough.’

10. Sensing there’s much more left to say, he takes charge with his aptly titled ‘Special Section.’ And deals with extra information like this:

“Wind beneath my wings.” – aNd wHo tHe fUcK sTilL wRiTeS LiKe tHis?

A detailed report on a skiing adventure I went on because of course being my fan means having to read pointless shit that I’ve done in my life.


Why do I want to act?

Why do I want to act? – A question a lot of people ask me surprisingly.

11. Also because he knows people love him to death, he made a Feedback section.

Hundreds of my real fans who are not totally fake saying completely real things about me which aren’t fake at all. Seriously, they’re all real. Not fake. For real.

Some of his very loyal fans from all across the world, outer space & other neighboring galaxies have only nice things to say about him:

‘Some’ of your films are nice

Yea, like the ones in which he isn’t there?

You ‘actually’ look good.

Honesty 2014

Site is wonderful like an ocean that never dries?

J.K Rowling Rises?

Decent young man with good morals?

Uday Chopra in & as ‘The Suitable Boy’

Took me 2 hours to read this site?

Well, this person is not wild but definitely ‘freeee’

In case you readers have a few minutes to spare go visit: http://udaychopra.com/

Trust us, it’s worth it. Besides, if you’ve actually sat through any of his films, you would definitely want to spend a couple of minutes more on this one of a kind actor.

All this is meant in good humor. @Uday Chopra: Please update your website!


On 12th January 2014, Uday Chopra took down his website. We’re not sure what made him do that but we suspect we had a little role to play in it.

Screenshot of www.udaychopra.com – Hope the Sun keeps shining on him.