Friends is an iconic show that’s funny as hell but trust me, the bloopers are even funnier. 

Here are some of our all-time favourite bloopers that had us ROFL. And lets face it, the only thing funnier than watching the gang nail their dialogues is watching them mess it up. 

1. When Rose played the bagpipes, no one could contain their laughter and that’s pretty evident even when the show aired. 

Rachel is seen laughing in the take that was finally aired. 

2. Chandler’s ‘sex face’ was just too much to handle for Ross. 

Even we are having a hard time trying not to laugh. It’s impossible!

3. The time when Ben, the child actor, knew Ross and Rachel’s line better than them. 

Ben pretty much knew all of their lines. 

4. In one of the episodes, Phoebe asks ‘What do I smell?’ and none of her friends could reply as they were too busy cracking up. 

They just couldn’t keep a straight face. 

5. Here’s a hilarious blooper. Watch Ross literally walk into a wall and act as if nothing happened. 

But, we all saw it. 

6. Every time Phoebe said the phrase, ‘Stick a fork in an apple’, Joey and Phoebe just couldn’t stop laughing. 

Just look at them trying so hard to keep a straight face. 

7. The sex worker in Monica’s apartment cracked Joey and Chandler up. 

They just couldn’t concentrate on their lines and that was quite evident. 

8. Every time Amanda said ‘arse’, Phoebe just couldn’t keep a straight face. 

Phoebe tried pretty hard though. 

9. The time when Monica’s lack of table tennis skills brought out the smile on everyone’s face. 

Monica herself couldn’t stop laughing at her questionable table tennis skills. 

10. In one of the episodes where the gang is trapped in an apartment for Emma’s birthday party, Monica mistakenly looks directly into the camera lens while delivering her dialogue. 

Mathew and Matt Le Blanc can’t stop mocking Courtney for looking directly into the camera lens.

11. While shooting the famous ‘Pivot’ episode, Chandler, Ross and Rachel just couldn’t stop cracking up. 

It’s undoubtedly one of the most iconic scenes in the entire series. 

12. The time when Joey tries to win the game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” by introducing the element of fire into it.

It was an unexpected move by Joey that surely had everyone giggling. 

A nostalgic trip down memory lane, right? *rewatches the show again for the nth time*