A huge red suitcase full of money, a middle class man and all the crime, comedy and drama that follows – this is Lootcase in a nutshell.

The movie that stars Kunal Khemu and Rasika Dugal in lead roles also stars our dream cast including Gajraj Rao, Vijay Raaz and Ranvir Shorey.

While the performances of our favourite actors have been fantastic, these moments from Lootcase keep you smiling and laughing throughout.

1. When Lata taunts Nandan for promising their son that they’ll go to the water park for sure.

2. When Graduate and Rajan do not understand Bala Rathore’s Nat Geo reference while planning to kill Omar.

3. When Nandan invites their neighbour, Ramlalji, for tea and Lata says there’s no sugar in the house.

4. When Ayush reminds Nandan Kumar of their water park plan.

5. When Ayush asks Nandan why he didn’t order Falooda on their Chinese dinner outing.

6. When Nandan boards an auto past midnight with the red suitcase and pretends to call his elder brother when the rickshaw driver doubts him.

7. When Nandan Kumar revisits the crime site wearing a hat and inquires if the police had found anything in the CCTV cameras.

8. When Nandan names the red suitcase.

9. When MLA Patil calls Inspector Kolte to know about the progress in finding the lost suitcase.

10. When all Nandan is concerned about is a simple cloth bag he brought from home.

11. When Rajan refers to Nat Geo while talking to Bala Rathore and informs him that they have finnaly subscribed to the channel.

Clean and genuine comedy that made us laugh out loud after a long time.