Sex Education is warm, beautiful, informative, and undoubtedly a delight to watch. But throughout Season 3, I was struck by how similar Otis, Maeve, and Ruby’s love triangle was to most Bollywood romances (and no this has nothing to do with my obsession with Bollywood or romance!). 

So I took famous dialogues, mostly romantic, from Bollywood movies to show you this love story:

Pehle Takraar aka the first meeting. 

Don’t most Bollywood romances start with two people not getting along together? 

Phir pyaar aka love blossoms. 

Kahaani mein twist aka drama!

Maeve is Otis ke bachpan ka pyaar, 

And he is still not over her, yaar!

*Thank God, I am not a lyricist*

Pyaar ka ikraar aka declaration of love and romance! 

You know when the the guy breaks down the girl’s defenses (usually by means like stalking, that would never fit into the world of Sex Education or romance) and it’s the start of a love story. 

Bring in the violins, it’s time for a love song!

It’s a Bollywood love story, after all. 

The hero moves on… but not before serving an emotional dialogue.

Because can you even be a Bollywood romantic hero if you’re not a little bit of a man-child? And is this even a Bollywood romance, if there is not a little bit of miscommunication and missed chances?

Par kahaani mein ek aur twist, cuz we love drama!

Har pyaar kahaani ka ek villain hota hai. Aur iss kahaani ka villain hai, Isaac.

Sometimes, love hurts.

Because sometimes you can’t forget your pehla, pehla pyaar. 

But friends, always help!

Friendship > romance!

But finally, the OG love birds get together.

Time for a heartbreak song!

Like I said, is it even a Bollywood romance, if there are no songs?

Happy Ending! 

*cue baarish*

And that’s what you call a masala love story!