Twitter is back to trolling and boycotting, yet another celebrity. This time, it's director Anurag Basu, whose latest film Ludo is currently streaming on Netflix. 

Anuag Basu
Source: The Week

Anurag drew flak from the audience for allegedly making fun of Hindi Gods and culture in Ludo. In a scene from the film, Rajkummar Rao is playing the role of Surpanakha in a local Ram-Leela. And his character soon gets into a fight and abuses, while still dressed up as Surpanakha.  

Rajkummar Rao in Ludo
Source: Netflix

In another scene from the film, actors, dressed up as Gods, can be seen pushing a car which, as per Twitterati, is an attack on Hinduism. And soon, #Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu trended on Twitter:

Though social media users asked for the I&B ministry to intervene, there has been no official response from either Anurag Basu or the ministry.