In Netflix’s latest documentary, Searching For Sheela, Ma Anand Sheela dropped quite a few gems as she spoke about Rajneesh Osho and the ‘crimes’ that she was imprisoned for. 

Here are some of her most memorable quotes:

What can I say? Tough titties. 
It was in this moment, if death were to have come, I accept. My life was complete. 
The world has assassinated me and my character so often that I have nothing to lose. 
He was also very much in love with me. And the way he would say, ‘Sheela,’ it would melt me every time. 
Free sex? We don’t charge for it if you mean that. 
I didn’t have sex with him if that’s what you mean. Our relationship was not sexual and it didn’t matter. Because I was already drowning in him. His eyes were probably more beautiful than his penis was. I’m not sure, I don’t know I have never seen it. 
You know, I have bigger scandals than show business. 
Some people wear their baggage on their face; I wear the baggage on my shoulders.
Life is multi-dimensional. There’s no black and white. They have shades of colours, shades of information. 
I didn’t want to become spiritual…enlightened, or learn about meditation. I have no interest in them.

 In response to a reporter who asked what role she played – that of Snow White or the wicked witch, she said, “Both.”

When asked by a reporter to be angry for being abandoned by Bhagwan she simply responded with this:

I cannot satisfy you. 
But every queen goes through guillotine and I have been through guillotine and I wish we can move on. Put yourself in my shoes and look within. How will you feel? 
You tell your Governor, your attorney general and all the bigoted pigs outside that if one person on Rancho Rajneesh is harmed I will have 15 of their heads, and I mean it. You have given me no choice. Even though I am a nonviolent person I will do that.
History is not written for my part. History is of Bhagwan. It is Bhagwan’s history, not Sheela’s history. 
What will you redeem? You will redeem love. 
Good luck to you and your pimps. 

You can catch the short documentary on Netflix and watch Ma Sheela spill the beans. 

All images are screenshots from Netflix.