After delivering an accurately hilarious commentary on the way religion works, stand-up comedian Vir Das is back with the second episode of his latest series, Ten on Ten.  

And this time around, he is talking about ‘freedom of speech’, because unlike some other people, he still has the freedom to do that, something he cleverly alludes to, right at the start. 

However, before he moves on to the main point i.e. India’s problem with the freedom of speech, Das breaks down the truth behind intermittent fasting. 

And brands Hitler as the OG influencer, while discussing how all leaders have actually ever been, just great public speakers.  

Of course, no Indian can talk about great public speakers without discussing PM Modi’s art of speeches, and Das is no different. 

But ultimately, it’s when he talks about who actually does not enjoy the freedom of speech in India, that you realize, oppression is no joke – even if our leaders might think it is. 

From dropping truth bombs about how Indians don’t even have the right to breathe, to making a woke d*ck joke (yes, it’s true, he did it), Das expertly provides a succinct (if you know, you know) summary of what’s a comedian’s true agenda. 

You can watch the complete set here: 

All images are screenshots from the set on YouTube.