We all love films, don’t we? Every year we see thousands of them release, out of which some work well while others don’t. And then there are those which totally bomb at the box office and these are the ones that everyone had so much expectation from! 🙁

So if you are wondering which gems probably left a gigantic hole in their producer’s pocket, we have 10!

1) The Goldfinch (2019)


This one cost a $45 million in production and the global box office receipts were a mere $9.9 million. Ouch!

2) Richard Jewell (2019) 


A whopping $45 million in production, this one was only able to make approximately $9.5 million at the box office.

3) Cats (2019) 


This one, based on the famous musical, could only recover an approximate 11% ($10.9 million) of its big production which was a staggering $100 million. 

4) Catwoman (2004) 


This movie blew up a $100 million budget on leather underwear and CGI cats and recovered only $82 million worldwide. Me-ow!

5) Gemini Man (2019)


Even with Will Smith and a production budget of around $139 million, this one earned about $121 millions worldwide. 

6) 47, Ronin (2013) 


This one bombed and earned only $151 million worldwide while the budget was a whopping $175 million.  

7) The Wolfman (2010)


Budgeted at $150 million, this one earned only $ 139 million worldwide.

8) The Nutcracker in 3D (2010)


This one had a budget of $90 million and had a worldwide earning of approximately $16 million.

9) Mars Needs Moms (2011)  


One of Disney’s biggest flops, this one cost around  $150 million and earned only around $39 million worldwide.

K-19 : The Widowmaker (2002)


Having a worldwide earning of around $65 million, this one had a big budget of a $100 million and that too back in 2002. 

Now that’s a lot of money blown, ain’t that right?