School days are the best part of our lives, right?

Yes, there is tons of homework, way too many exams and the same uniform to be worn, over and over again. There’s also too much discipline and barely any freedom. And yet, there’s something absolutely amazing about our days in school. You meet friends for life, manage to have fun amidst all the classes and those days of pure innocence leave an indelible mark on your personality for the rest of your life. 

But have you ever wondered about all the things that you didn’t experience in school? If you’ve been an avid viewer of Hollywood high-school movies, there’s no chance you wouldn’t have wished to have studied in one of those schools where life was indeed a party. 

If those films are to go by, while we, in India, are mostly slogging it out to get good grades, kids in America are playing basketball, dancing at parties and having a great time. We’re bound to get a little envious, right? 

So we thought of jotting down a few things from Hollywood high-school movies that Indian schools can include to make school life a lot more fun:

1. Prom night

Contesting for prom queen and king? Bring it on!


2. Detention rooms

These are any day better than standing outside the classroom or in the playground as punishment. 


3. No assemblies

Have you ever, like EVER seen an assembly in any English movie?


4. Counselors 

Yes, some schools do have counselors but it still isn’t mandatory. It’s a great move to help students considering that stress during teenage years is quite common in India. 


5. Lockers

Firstly, they look way too cool. And secondly, it’ll be such a relief to not have to lug around all your stuff everywhere. Especially considering how heavy some books can get! 


6. Yearbook

This needs to be made mandatory. Who wouldn’t like looking at pictures of the year gone by, right?


7. Cheerleaders

Who would mind being the most popular girl in school, wearing those cute outfits and dancing like no one’s business!


8. More voluntary work

Students in schools can learn so much more than just academics. If only Indian schools encouraged more voluntary work!


9. Better cafeterias

Just looking at the food the kids are eating in Hollywood movies makes you hungry. Our Indian schools can really do with fancy looking cafeterias that serve amazing snacks. 


10. No uniforms

Because why can’t we too wear stylish clothes to school?

11. Musical bands

Indian schools should encourage more talent in different fields. Music is one of them! 


12. Theatre

Academics have their own importance but equal emphasis should be laid on other things. Performing on stage can bring out many different facets in a child’s personality. 


13. Switching rooms for every class 

We don’t like sitting at one place all day long, watching teachers coming in and out.


14. Better medical rooms

Here in India, we are told to go home if we are sick. 


15. Gym

Physical fitness is extremely important! 


If you have more points other than these, let us know in the comments section below.