A well-rounded water-tight script is at the core of every great movie. Sometimes we love the overall concept so much that we decide to overlook some of the bigger problems with the plot that deem the movie pointless. Let’s take a look at some of biggest mistakes in the storylines of some of the most famous movies.

1. Aladdin 

Aladdin should have passed the lamp to Jasmine and they could have had 6 wishes in total.

Anyone who rubs the magical lamp becomes the owner of the Genie, who grants Aladdin 3 wishes for the same. There’s this dramatic sequence of the dilemma because Aladdin chooses to set the genie free instead of getting something for his personal gain. There was an easy way out of this sticky situation – Simply let Jasmine use the genie, now you have 6 wishes in total. That was really stupid, Aladdin.


2. Armageddon 

There’s a huge asteroid approaching Earth and the only way to stop it is by drilling a huge hole through the center of the asteroid. A bunch of oil-drillers are recruited by NASA and trained so that they can go to space and save mankind. 

Would you rather astronauts drilling holes or oil-rig engineers flying spaceships?


3. Toy Story 

If Buzz Lightyear believes that he is a real Space Ranger and not a toy, why does he freeze every time a human is nearby?

In Toy Story, the toys make humans believe that they are inanimate objects. Once the humans are away, they come back to life. In the first installment of the trilogy, Buzz and Woody go on an adventure because Buzz lands the entire group in trouble over his Space Commando antics. 

But he would only do this he believed that he were a toy and not a space ranger.


4. Batman Begins 

Citizens of Gotham would find out about the drug as soon as they take a hot shower or prepare tea.

In Batman Begins, when Bruce is at the League of Shadows base learning secret ninja stuff, Ra’s al Ghul tells him he must execute the prisoner from the local village. Bruce decides not to kill the prisoner, so instead he blows up the entire facility with about 50 assassins and the prisoner he just refused to kill inside. What even….

Also, Crane (Scarecrow) puts the drug in the sewage system of the city and this drug would ultimately kill every citizen of Gotham. The drug is supposed to work when the water evaporates. So in the couple of weeks that it was being dumped into the water, apparently nobody boiled water or even took a hot shower.

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5. Limitless

Why didn’t Bradley Cooper’s character fix the pill himself?

Limitless is a movie where Bradley Cooper is able to use his brain to its highest capacity. He becomes a genius who can then do the most impossible of things. The pill has some side-effects and the protagonist decides to ignore them even if he ends up dead. But why doesn’t he perfect the pill when he first discovers the side effects?

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6. Grease 

The flying off into the sunset breaks all laws of Physics.

A musical about high-school students, Grease is one of the most iconic movies of all time. It is rooted in real life high-school issues like love, friendship and bullying. At the end of Grease, they fly away in a car. Fuck you, Gravity!

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7. ET – The Extra Terrestrial 

ET forgot that he could fly.

The Steven Spielberg classic was about an alien who gets stuck on Earth. A bunch of kids then help ET reach his home planet. ET looks at his spaceship leaving the Earth but he chooses not to fly. But later in the movie, he flies away with the kids on bicycles. ET, you sly son-of-a-gun.


8. Titanic 

Jack died because of Rose. Rose hogged all the space on the plank.

This is a movie about a ship that sinks but we only care about Jack and Rose. The duo goes through a lot before Leonardo DiCaprio’s character decides to sacrifice himself to save Rose. That does not make sense because the piece of wood which Kate Winslet was floating on has ample space for Jack as well. So Jack dies because Rose hogged up all the space on the plank.


9. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 

Legolas forgot how to aim when they needed it the most.

Legolas has a magic bow where he can constantly shoot arrows at the bad guys and hit their weak spots every single time. So why isn’t he capable of taking out the Berserker carrying the torch that blows up the wall at the Battle of Helm’s Deep? Legolas has numerous attempts at stopping the hulking beast, hitting weak points each time (why would he aim anywhere else, based on what we know of him?) and yet the Berserker continues, with a few roars of pain along the way.

This is the same guy who killed the Mumakils (those giant elephants) with one shot.

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10. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 

Padme wasn’t that discreet when she went undercover. She used her own name ffs.

The prequels are horrible, there’s no doubt about that. The story of Anakin Skywalker becomes clear in The Phantom Menace where he comes across Queen Padme. She was undercover at that point of time because Naboo couldn’t afford to lose their sole leader. Why would the Queen go undercover using her real name?

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11. The Dark Knight Rises 

Bruce Wayne shouldn’t be bankrupt because everyone saw the false transactions and Bane’s heist.

Bane takes over the stock exchange and makes all those trades, forcing Wayne to go broke. Obviously there was a huge attack on the stock exchange. There were witnesses everywhere who saw Bane’s henchmen hacking into the system. Why didn’t the authorities just invalidate the trades immediately? Wouldn’t that make Wayne rich again?

Also, how is Bruce Wayne on the cover of Time magazine at the start of the film and then living his life like an ordinary person in France?


12. Avatar 

Those giant killing machines could have been remotely operated.

Avatar is a movie about the struggle between humans and the Navi (who are basically blue cat-people who live on trees). Humans have the technology to allow a person direct mental control of another organism, and yet all of their war machines have to have someone in the cockpit. Here’s an idea, guys: keep the control panel in the base, and put a camera in the cockpit. That way, the Navi can’t kill you using spears and “dragons”. Drones are the future.


13. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 

Action movies don’t need science. Ice doesn’t sink in water.

In the movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra the climactic final battle takes place in Cobra’s underwater arctic secret base. The team escapes and destroys the ice above them. The ice then sinks, crushing the secret base. Except one thing- ice doesn’t sink, ice floats on water. 


14. The Little Mermaid 

Ariel could have just written a letter.

Ariel basically goes out on an adventure because being with someone who is good-looking is obviously more important than having some real talent, right? It’s shown earlier that Ariel is literate and has great penmanship. Why didn’t she just write Eric a fucking letter?  


15. School of Rock 

Who goes to a concert in the middle of a day?

School of Rock is about a failed rock artist who finds his new band at a school where the kids are too disciplined for Rock n RollIn this movie, the Battle of the Bands is in the middle of a week day. Who attends a rock concert in the middle of a weekday?


16. Jurassic World 

How did the giant swimming dinosaur never attack any tourist walking on the sidewalk?

The biggest summer blockbuster of the last decade, Jurassic World, had a really cool looking climax. They put the walkway by the giant swimming dinosaur close enough that he can pop out and snag Indominus Rex. But he never ate any tourists who were nearby. That’s a well behaved dinosaur.


17. The Karate Kid 

Only Danielsan can break rules and still win the Championship.

The Karate Kid is a heartwarming tale of a misfit who uses Karate to stand up against his bullies and get the girl in the end. The ending is a huge problem though. According to the rules, no straight kicks to the face are allowed. He broke the rules and still won the Championship.


18. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I 

Hermione’s magical purse should have burst during the invasion of Gringotts.

In Harry Potter, when “invading” Gringotts, Hermoine’s purse doesn’t explode even though her bigger-on-the-inside spell would fade when they go through the waterfall. We already know that all magic becomes void after passing through the waterfall so her purse should explode because of the sheer number of things inside it.

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We shouldn’t let our love for these movies and filmmakers blind us from these rookie mistakes. Get your shit together, Hollywood!