Now that you’re probably running out of new things to watch, perhaps it’s time you go back to the movies that you just can’t get enough of. Whether it was the actors, the characters, the plot, the dialogues, or just the fact that they are immensely enjoyable, some movies were simply meant to last a lifetime (and then some more). There’s no denying that these films were probably even made for re-watching, with nods, jokes, or backstories that make them all the more enjoyable on the 7th round. So put that popcorn in the microwave, because here’s a list of films that we could never get sick of.

1. The Godfather

This epic film of crime, betrayal and iconic dialogues will simply never get old. From the plot twists to the timeless advice of Don Corleone, you can’t help but fall in love with the characters that make this movie an all-time-favourite.


2. The Shawshank Redemption

You wouldn’t expect that a movie as liberating as this one could be shot almost entirely behind bars. The Shawshank Redemption has something new to offer in almost every viewing, whether it’s a lesson in patience or just new-and-improved friendship goals.

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3. The Avengers

You think that you’re probably sick of The Avengers, but let’s face it, there’s a reason we know all the dialogues by heart. Speaking of which, isn’t “puny god” just your favourite dialogue of all time?


4. Gladiator

For a story that’s set in ancient Rome, it’s uncanny how this movie really never gets old! After watching Gladiator, it’s almost impossible to think of Russell Crowe as a normal being. Cue in the fabulous acting of Joaquin Phoenix and the music direction by Hans Zimmer and this movie just brings in something new every single time.

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5. The Social Network

Somehow, each time you watch this one you learn a new comeback that you could use on your friends. Whether you believe the plot or not; the wit, the humor and the personalities makes The Social Network a complete hit for more than just the socially awkward. 

Entertainment Weekly

6. Die Hard

Hands up if Detective McClane is your favourite American cop! Whether you’re an ardent fan of action movies or you’re just starting out, Die Hard is one of the easiest action films to watch over and over again. Intense action, Bruce Willis in a vest and iconic dialogues puts the Die Hard series in our ‘totally re-watchable’ list.

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7. Snatch

Here’s a movie that doesn’t even revolve around Brad Pitt and it works perfectly! The incredible plot, the funny dialogues, the suspense that ties it together make it one of those movies where the script is mightier than the stars. It definitely deserves an “encore”.

Screen Rant

8. The Matrix

Is it deja vu, or a glitch in The Matrix? ‘Coz we’ve all seen this one so many times before! Here’s one of those very rare movies that just gets better and better with every re-watch (until you feel like you’re a part of the system). You simply can’t get the whole story the first time around.

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9. The Green Mile

To say that The Green Mile is anything short of an absorbing and emotionally powerful experience would be a lie. It doesn’t matter if you’ve watched this movie more than once, you’re still going to cry. 

Hollywood Reporter

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 

Show some respect, it’s ‘Captain’ Jack Sparrow we’re talking about here. And even if you aren’t a big Johnny Depp fan, this high-seas adventure is bound to leave you wanting more with every watch. Say “Aye” if you agree.

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11. Shrek

Shrek is what would happen if a classic fairy tale were injected with good humour. The movie is an astonishing visual delight, with animation techniques that seem life-like and fantastical, both at once. Throw in the talking donkey and everyone has a new favourite animated character!

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12. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

How many times have you done an ‘LOTR marathon’ again? Ever since the discovery of this trilogy the world has never been the same. Packed with mythology, powerful characters, stunning visuals and great performances, LOTR is the fictional escape that we have always longed for.

The Mary Sue

13. The Intern

Here’s one movie that appeals to pretty much everyone at home. Grandparents included! The story revolves around a retired widower who lands an internship at a fashion website run by a career-driven woman. In a lot of ways, this story is as relatable as it can get for the average career-obsessed millennial. Totally worth a re-watch!