Horror has been a part of human civilisation since its inception. Be it wild animals or the mystery of the unknown, we have always been terrified of what we do not understand. Or just a puss filled face with a bit of blood on it. The point being, horror appeals to us, in ways nobody can explain. Think about it, all it does is scare you. Who likes that?

This genre has evolved itself according to our fears. From the crappy faces to the flashy scares to the psychological thrillers, this genre has done it all. What we have done is, compiled a list of the best horror movies available to you on Netflix. So sit back and get cower somewhere. 

1. The Returned

The movie is set up in a post apocalyptic world where zombies live like regular, non-infected people. The retroviral drug that enables them to live normal lives does not cure them and needs to be taken every day. However, trouble brews when anti- return groups attack and rumours of the drugs running out spreads, leading again to a society of chaos. The movie has the cliche zombie scares but complements it with a good storyline.


2. Evil Dead 

This is the remake of the 1981-cult movie of the same name. The movie revolves around five 20-years-olds who find themselves holed up in a cabin away from civilisation. Much to their luck, or the lack of it, they stumble upon the Book of the Dead and end up summoning dormant demons from the nearby forest, that possess the kids one by one, till there is only one left to fight the undead.

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3. Sinister

The movie is a gift to you by the producer of acclaimed hits such as Paranormal Activity and the director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. This movie is based on a crime novelist who discovers a box of disturbing movies that take his family into the realms of supernatural horror.


4. Oculus

In a genre that has heavily depended on dramatic scares and gore, Oculus is a refreshing change. The movie does not dwell too much into the origins of the supernatural but focusses on two siblings who have been victims before and are back for revenge, only to realise that the nightmares that had ruined their childhood, have started again.


5. The Invitation

The movie raises the questions that have been haunting you for ages- if the supernatural actually exists or is it a part of human psychology. And it does so in a spectacular manner. When Will finds himself attending a dinner at his ex-wife Eden and her new husband, Eden’s behavior and the suspicious activities of her guests convince Will that there is another agenda at play. Watch the thriller blurring out layers of paranoia as you gradually become unsure if the horrors are real or imagined.

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6. Creep

When Aaron, a cinematographer comes across an online ad “$1,000 for the day. Filming service. Discretion is appreciated”, he readily jumps onto it. Well, because, he is broke AF. When he reaches the location and meets his subject, he realises that he has been led into some kind of trap. The intense interplay between Aaron and Josef exceeds expectations at every turn.


7. Let Me In

The story revolves around the lives of 12-year-old Owen, who is bullied by his classmates and is troubled by the divorce of his parents. Owen’s only friend is his neighbour Abby, who lives with her silent father. The mystery begins when Abby’s father disappears and she is left alone to fend for herself. Owen offers her help but she turns him down, leading him to believe that she is hiding something.


8. The Shining

The 1980 cult classic stars Jack Nicholson as the lead in a movie that only exists to terrorise people. The movie is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. Nicholson’s character Jack Torrance, takes a job at a winter-locked hotel in the middle of nowhere, where his family will be living alone till the snow melts away. He is reliably informed by the manager that the previous caretaker had gone crazy and killed his family, but Jack shakes it off. The problem starts when his psychic son starts getting blood soaked visions of the past.


9. The Cabin in the Woods

First things first. Joss Whedon is the writer here. Secondly, the movie is set in a cabin in the woods and 5 friends who decide to camp inside it. And everything goes to shit. But there is a little twist that you won’t be wrapping your heads around.


10. The Innocents

Set in a post World War era, the movie revolves around Mathilde, who is treating the some of the last remaining French survivors of the Holocaust. One fine day, she is visited by a nun, who begs her to follow her back to the convent, where she finds one of the sisters giving birth to a child. Several of the other nuns are also in advanced stages of pregnancy. Shocked, and in an attempt to solve the mystery and help the women, Mathilde enters the secret world of the nuns.


11. The Taking of Deborah Logan

The Taking of Deborah Logan is strictly for the fans of found-footage movie genre and it doesn’t disappoint. Deborah Logan is an old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, living with her daughter, who is also her caretaker. The shit storm starts when the unexplained phenomenon starts occurring worsening her health. Apart from the cliched third act, the movie really holds up.


12. Hush

Author Maddie Young lives an isolated life in the woods after losing her hearing as a kid. But things go to hell when she sees a masked man appear in her windows. With no one to call for help, in miles, it looks as if she is an easy victim. However, the killer might have underestimated her ability to survive in the wild. The cat and mouse chase turn into a breathless night, where Maddie has to cast her disabilities aside to survive.


13. Death Note

A student by the name of Light Turner happens to stumble across a notebook, that kills anyone whose name is written in it. Light decides to use this new found power and plays God, trying to cleanse the streets of criminals.


14. Cloverfield

A group of friends finds themselves venturing deep into the streets of New York during a monster attack. The movie does not disappoint as New York turns into a war zone and not the Avengers kind.

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15. He Never Died

Jack is a cannibal! He is depression and spends his time sleeping and watching TV. He does not have any social bonds as he sees people as nothing more than a sack of meat and bones. The story begins when Jack’s past catches up with him and he has to stay sober and control his hunger for long pig.

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16. The Midnight Meat Train

Photographer Leon Kauffman’s obsession with disappearing people on the midnight subway leads him into the path of a serial killer who haunts the train and kills its passengers in the most violent way that could be depicted.


17. Under The Shadow

The movie perfectly shows the psychological factors involved in a supernatural attack. When Shideh, who lives in the chaos of the Iraq-Iran war, find her neighbour dying under mysterious circumstances and her daughter’s behaviour turning increasingly erratic, she investigated the matter, only to find it to be the work of a Djinn. 


Shitting your pants yet?