With the rise of streaming services and the constant need for content, 2019 has brought forth many bone-chilling series for people who love the horror genre and mostly love watching it online. 

So here is a list of the scariest horror shows of 2019. 

1. Typewriter - Netflix

A group of three school children in Goa decide to start a ghost club and seek ghosts in a haunted mansion. But their plan gets ruined when a new family shifts in the mansion before they start their expedition and the family has to face the haunted mansion's chilling reality. 

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2. Fear The Walking Dead - Amazon Prime  

A deathly spin-off of The Walking Dead that is set in Los Angeles where two families have to do everything to survive and fight the undead. 

Walking Dead
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3. Black Summer - Netflix 

Zombie apocalypse has hit the entire city and complete strangers get together to fight the apocalypse and have each other's back in these horrible times. 

Black Summer
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4. The Haunting Of Hill House - Netflix 

A story about an estranged family who begin to experience increasing paranormal phenomena in their mansion and flee away from it. But the plot thickens, when the family reunites after twenty-six years and have to confront their past again.

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5. Carnival Row - Amazon Prime 

A series of murders reveal a ghasty monster which has disrupted the peace of the entire city. This is when a human detective and fairy reunite to fight the monster. 

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6. Parchhayee: Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond - ZEE5

Zee5 brings a series of the most chilling horror stories by the celebrated author Ruskin Bond. This series will make you shiver out of your wits. 

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7. Stranger Things - Netflix

A series about the horrific supernatural forces that have hit the town of Hawkins and how a bunch of kids try to eliminate the force by walking through danger. 


Special mention - Ghoul (Netflix)

Even though this released in 2018, it sure was bone-chilling. This is a series about a mysterious prisoner who is sent to a military interrogation center where he unleashes a demon from Arabic folklore.   

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