Twitter spats are nothing new these days. We see people going downright dirty in 140 characters almost everyday. But when it’s a war between two direct rivals, it certainly gets exciting. This time it was Netflix India and Hotstar at loggerheads, and trust me, this was quite a war of wits!

To set the context, we’d like to tell you that yesterday was Kevin Spacey’s birthday. Now, you must also know that House of Cards is one of Netflix’s flagship shows and so the Indian wing of the online channel wished Spacey (Lead Actor, House of Cards) a happy birthday in full-on desi style.

Here’s what they Tweeted:


You must’ve seen such birthday wishes splattered all over the city, featuring various politicians. It made complete sense for Netflix India to do this, given that House of Cards is a political drama, and Spacey is the effin’ boss!

But, little did they know that Hotstar was ready to battle it out on the internet with their sarcastic dig. Back in 2015, Hotstar had run a very similar out-of-home campaign to promote their show On Air With AIB. And they made sure that Netflix saw that, by tweeting this:



Wait, there’s more to it.

Netflix bounced back with something even more brutal. And do you know who does brutality, the best? Frank Underwood!


But looks like Netflix had forgotten about Hotstar’s ace of spades. They used a ‘Lannister to send their regards!’ And that too the best one from the lot.


By now, Netflix should’ve reverted to a little corner to silently weep, is what we thought. But, NO! They returned with the classiest burn, featuring Claire Underwood. 


This pretty much shut Hotstar up. In fact this is where they should’ve stopped. But they did not, and after nine long hours they came up with the lamest reply ever. 

We don’t quite know what to make of it.


Seriously Hotstar, you could’ve made our day with a snarky comment by Cersei or something super threatening by Ramsay. You have a fucking gold mine called Game of Thrones! 

But, you did that and made us believe that Pritam (whichever one) is definitely the more entertaining one, when you’re around!

Vanity Fair