Netflix’s most recent docu-series House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths is based on a real life event that happened in Burari in 2018 when 11 members of a family were discovered hanging in the living room like the ‘roots of the banyan tree’ in an apparent ritual-gone-wrong. 

While watching the series, it may have sparked your interest as to what happened to the house where this happened.

India TV News

The family’s home in Burari, north Delhi, is a 1,070-square-foot property. Since the mass suicide, the site has attracted people wanting to view the ‘horror home,’ according to Chundawat.

The neighbours claim they still feel a spooky presence outside the house over three years later, although the current owners dismiss such claims. 

The Indian Express

The three-storey house is currently occupied by two families — the Kashyaps who moved into the ground floor of the house in January 2020 and also run Dhruv diagnostic centre on the premises, while the Alis, who have been looking after the property since 2018, dwell on the first and second floors.

Zee News

The fact that the number of pipes on the wall aligned with the number of dead bodies led to rumours that the family had installed them as channels for their spirits, although Ahmed Ali, the family’s carpenter, who currently lives in the house, says they were intended for ventilation.


Chundawat had the pipes removed shortly afterward, as he did not want his brother’s house to be labeled as a bhoot bangla. However, the markings are still visible. 

The apartment is described as nice and spacious by the residents, with the rent being relatively inexpensive due to the haunted stories linked to the house.