It’s great fun to go party at a club or a pub, but house parties have their own unique charm. You can show up in your P.Js, eat like a pig, and if you want, go off to sleep in one of the many bedrooms around the house. But the best part about the whole affair is how people really get to let their hair down and be themselves. Here are a few people you’re likely to run into at every Indian house party.

1. The ‘Bhukkad’

These people come to your house to do one thing and one thing only. Gorge themselves on whatever grub they can get their hands on. Every time they plan to crash at your place, make sure to stock up on ample amounts of junk food.

2. The Story- Teller

They are the ones who like to tell long winding stories after a drink or two. “Yaar, tere ko pata hai aaj kya hua?”

3. The One Who Always Passes Out

This one just cannot handle his/her drinks and passes out by the end of the party. One always has to keep a bucket and bed ready for this dude/girl.

4. Mr. Dependable

He’s the designated driver, the shoulder to lean on and the only sober person you can actually count on. This guy is all of this and more. And Thank God for him Because if a party is a nuclear reaction, then this guy is a control rod.

5. The Loner

He is the one who comes alone and goes alone. Throughout the party, he sits in a corner, gingerly nursing some snacks or a drink. “Main aur meri tanhaai.. aksar ye baaten karte hain..”

6. The Twinkle-Toes

They’re the life of the party. He or she is the first person to get on the dance floor and the last to step off it. They have this knack of pulling people around them to join them, so stand near them at your own risk.

7. The New Guy/Girl

They are newcomers to the party and are usually friends of friends of friends. They’re the party’s surprise element. Who knows? He/she might actually be a hottie.

8. The Mummy

The ‘mummy’ of the party is the one who goes, ” Ye tissue yahan kyun phenke hai ?” , ” Ghar itna ganda kyun kar rahe ho ?” Most of the time, it’s the one who threw the party.

9. TheP.D.A Couple

They just can’t resist showing off their love for each other. They’re always going “koochie-koo’ and “poochie-pie”  and making it very apparent to everyone in the party that they’re together.

10. The Saviour

When you’re all out of booze and the party looks like it’s going to die down, these guys arrive like cavalry and take the party to even greater heights!

So, where’s the party tonight?