While we’re eagerly waiting for sequels of movies like The Lunchbox and ZNMD, Bollywood is busy expanding the Housefull franchise. 


Earlier today, Housefull 4’s trailer dropped and all we can say is, Bollywood from the1980s called and they want their transphobic comments, cringy jokes and sexist behavior back.

Basically, the pile of problematic behaviour that Bollywood has tried to get rid of over the years is making a comeback in this trailer. 

Indian Express

From what it looks like, the movie seems to follow the concept of ‘Purna Janam‘ in a setting that seems to give us major Padmavat parody vibes. 

ABP Live

And if this wasn’t enough to creep you out, the Housefull franchise is trying to ruin Nawazidiun Siddiqui from Sacred Games for us. 

Yup, that’s right. You just saw Rana Daggubati trying to wrestle what looks like a wolf and it totally reminds us of the iconic scene from The Reverend.

No offense to anyone, but who the hell has even seen Housefull 2 or 3? Like why are they even coming out with another sequel? 

Watch the complete trailer here: 

If you have what it takes to watch this cringe-fest without yanking your eyes out, it’s releasing on October 26th in the cinemas near you.