You’re not completely wrong if you sat down to try and figure out the reason behind why Batman – a regular human being – would decide to fight a seemingly all-powerful alien with almost no weakness in sight, to create one of recent time’s most ridiculous match-ups. Well, we’re here to say that it’s possible. Hell, it’s in fact highly probable that Batman would still walk away winning this mad bout. And, the guys The Film Theorists proved how.

For the sake of fairness, we shall leave out Superman’s only weakness – Kryptonite. And still prove how Batman could whoop his steely ass without the green substance.

To begin with, understand that according to Man Of Steel, Superman’s powers are a result of Earth’s gravity and the Sun’s radiation.

Admittedly, it is pointed out that the Earth’s gravity is much lower than that of Superman’s home planet – Krypton. Which explains why Superman can lift heavy objects and jump over buildings on Earth, since Kryptonians would have adapted to Krypton’s environment and the mass of objects remains the same throughout the universe. But, does this give him perfect flight? No. The power of flight and the laser beams shooting out of Superman’s eyes can be explained by his soaking up the Sun’s rays.

So how does Earth’s Sun give Superman his seemingly endless abilities?

Well, the difference lies in the Sun’s non-ionizing radiation – which excites atoms – as opposed to ionizing radiation – which rips electrons out of atoms and ionizes them. Now this is the kind of radiation you would find in a nuclear fallout, the kind that would cause radiation sickness, cancer, even death. But much like plants, Superman soaks up the non-ionizing radiation of the Sun, in turn energizing the atoms in his bodies and being able to pull off the amazing powers that he has.

But take that away from him and Superman just becomes a regular dude.

By calculations of the difference in Earth and Krypton’s gravity based on the movie trailer – where Superman can be seen lifting a 75,000 kg rocket – Krypton’s gravity seems to be calculated to be 406 times greater than Earth. Or, equivalent to 14 times the gravity of our Sun. Which basically makes Superman just 406 times stronger than a regular dude on Earth. So, how can Batman replicate those conditions to bring Superman down to regular human strength?

All Batman has to do is beat up Superman with 406 times more power.

In fact, there are exoskeleton robotic suits – like the one you see in the movie – that could produce nearly 1000 times the power of a regular human. Which means that Superman is actually at a disadvantage here. As for all those special powers Superman gets from the Sun, Batman should have a remedy for that too. And no, it’s not blocking out the sun.

Batman could also use ionizing radiation to weaken the Man of Steel.

That’s it. Ionizing radiation like the harmful ones at nuclear explosions should be enough to bring Superman down to just ‘man’. Which, coupled with the robotic suit should help Batman beat the Kryptonian to a pulp. And, the best bit is, all this is possible because Bruce Wayne happens to be this ultra rich mofo. If you think about it, it’s the money that kicked Superman’s ass.

And, that’s how knowledge and money could beat Superman to the ground like some punk. Who knows? Maybe Lex Luthor is next-in-line to give the Man Of Steel a sound thrashing.

This didn’t go down the way we thought it would.

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