There’s no doubt that celebrities and their lives look luxurious and glamorous from the outside. While some celebrities seem to be quite humble off-screen, several others are touted to be rude.

In several threads, people reveal how these desi celebrities are as bosses and the responses were honest and well, shocking. Let’s take a look at them.

1. “Taimur’s nanny left when he was older because she specializes in infants and then she returned when they (Saif and Kareena) had their second son, Jeh. So, they must have treated her well.” –Jal_Maq

2. “My cook worked for Babita Kapoor and said that the actor is super cold and arrogant.” –No_Mud598

3. “I have heard from my relative, who works in Viacom18 Network, that Akshay Kumar is the most chill superstar they have ever met. He even jokes with the staff like a friend.” –Opposite-Oven-8211

4. “Shah Rukh is very generous and kind as an employer. He has attended weddings for some staff, gifted a flat to his ex-bodyguard and gifted hampers to his staff for various events. Also, Suniel Shetty has had the same staff for 25+ years. So, safe to assume that he’s a good boss too.” –Sabudana28

5. “I know someone who was Ajay Devgn’s driver. As an employee, he was all praise for the actor.” –Mindless_Writer_7935

6. “A very close friend of mine used to work in the production team for Bigg Boss and she was in the costume department. One day, when they were shooting a weekend episode with Salman Khan, he got pissed about how hot it was and the AC wasn’t working properly. Then, he ripped his shirt apart, in the middle of the shoot. She told me that all the buttons went flying off and he stormed out for some time. She then had to find him the exact same shirt for continuity, which she couldn’t, so, they had to give him a different outfit.” –Zestyclose-Mess-204

7. “My friend works in the hotel industry. She revealed that Ranveer Singh’s manager asked my friend for a black coffee. He initially denied it until he got to know it was for the actor and then the manager mixed vodka and took it for him.” –mereKaranArjunAyenge

8. “I have worked in Red Chilies Visual Effects and the work-life balance can take a toll on you if you are not prepared. During my time, I have worked on Jab Harry Met Sejal, Phillauri and Raees. Both, SRK and Anushka, respect all aspects of the film crew and I was kinda surprised they enjoyed talking with them (us). Anushka used to visit us regularly and we had quite a good laugh.” –MellowAmoeba

9. “I can say that Shah Rukh Khan is a person who does treat his staff with earnest care and respect. I know some employees and the staff working with team KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) and they said that the actor can be very rough with the staff if the situation demands. But when it comes to his production office, Red Chillies, the experiences shared by the employees look quite positive. For example, one employee said that he engages quite a lot with each of his employees. He enjoys meeting them over lunch breaks and tea breaks.” –Mahasweta Ganguly

10. “I have heard that Salman Khan is also very kind to his staff. His bodyguard, Shera, said that he always used to take care of him.” –Royal Sai

11. “Shraddha Kapoor is an absolute sweetheart from what I experienced. She walked into the office (where I worked), made eye contact with me, waved at me on her own and even passed a smile. It took me a minute to realize that she was really waving at me. I waved back and honestly, that was so sweet! And then, she carried on with the meeting that she was there for. But, she genuinely seems like a warm person.” –Embarrassed-West1594

12. “My very close college friend works as a luxury jeweler for films – his family has been doing it for decades, since the time of black & white films. They tend to be on set a lot because they have to get the jewelry back after the shoot and lock it up. He said the kindest celebrities he worked with were Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Katrina Kaif, and Anushka Sharma. He said they were an absolute joy to work with and so kind to all the staff and crew, every single time. He said SRK would not leave set until he was sure everyone ate and was good to go, he even knew the clean-up crew on a first-name basis. He did say he has interacted with Alia and Ranbir, for 2 of her films and he said it’s honestly horrific the way he treats her. He said that it was very awkward on set for everyone else because he kept degrading her and saying mean things about her looks in a nasty monotone voice. My friend said that Alia just hovers around RK like a distressed bird, very nervous and lacking confidence near him.” –sheerni

There you go.