Among the many things Bollywood celebrities earn money from, private events are one of them. Their presence at weddings, corporate events, or more comes at a cost. 

So, just in case, if you are planning to invite them, let me tell you it’s a costly affair. 

1. Shahrukh Khan- Rs 3 Crore

The first name has to be him. We have seen him attending so many events & weddings. He charges Rs 3 crore for an event. So, if you are wondering how much he must have charged for that Jio event, now you know. 

2. Akshay Kumar – Rs 2.5 Crore

The busiest person in Bollywood still manages time to attend such private events. He charges around Rs 2.5 Crore per private function

3. Priyanka Chopra – Rs 2.5 Crore

Priyanka, who has now become a global star charges, around Rs 2.5 Crore per event. She also attended Isha Ambani’s wedding in Udaipur. 

4. Katrina Kaif – Rs 3.5 crore

Katrina indeed is a great dancer. Though we may not see her attending many private events, she charges a whopping amount of Rs 3.5 crore per event. 

5. Ranveer Singh – Rs 1 Crore

We all love him for his energy. No wonder why anyone would want him to attend their event, his vibe is just too cool. Ranveer charges around Rs 1 crore to perform in private events. 

6. Ranbir Kapoor –  Rs 2 Crore

Apart from playing football, doing movies, stealing our hearts, Ranbir also attends some private events. He charges around Rs 2 crore per event. 

7. Hrithik Roshan – Rs 2.5 Crore

You can’t move your eyes when you see Hrithik dancing. I mean he’s one of the finest dancers in Bollywood. He charges around Rs 2.5 Crore for each event. 

8. Deepika Padukone – Rs 1 Crore

Apart from nailing it in Bollywood, Deepika also attends some of these private events. She charges around Rs 1 Crore for any private event she attends. 

9. Anushka Sharma- Rs 80 Lakh

Anyone who follows Anushka on Instagram will know how humorous she is. Anushka charges a decent amount of  Rs 80 Lakh for attending private events. 

10. Salman Khan – Rs 2 Crore

Salman has attended quite a few events by now. His name is a brand itself. Salman charges Rs 2 Crore for such private events. 

We can’t deny the craze people have for celebrities.