From managing brand endorsement shoots to holding an umbrella for them on an outdoor shoot, a celebrity’s personal assistant is more than just an assistant. They are a celebrity’s right hand without whom our favourite celebs just can’t do without. With so much going on in a celebrity’s life, a personal assistant makes life simpler for them by chalking out a detailed schedule everyday, according to their availability and comfort. 

Despite not being seen on screen with the stars, they take care of all their needs on and off the sets so that actors can shoot without any hassles.

They manage crowds, sort dates, fix their appointments with producers and routinely help them with tasks. They are the ones who make our stars shine in the true sense! 


Ever wondered how much they take back home for all that hard work?

b’Source: Giphy’

Celebrity assistants can receive a remuneration of INR 5,000 per day, which means the PAs can earn a whopping amount of INR 18 lakh in a year! 

b”Inder is Ranbir’s trusted spot-boy”

They have become such shadows to our celebs that they can be spotted together everywhere!

b’Hrithik with former spot-boy’

A lot of these assistants often become confidantes to our actors, thanks to the amount of time they spend in each other’s company. 

Who said you can’t mix work with fun? 

*Puts resume on celebrity management portals, right away*