Netflix's latest reality show, The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, showcased the rich and luxurious lifestyle of four celebrities. And one of the highlights of the show had to be the Doha trip that the four friends, Maheep Kapoor, Seema Khan, Bhavana Pandey, and Neelam Kothari, embark upon.

Fabulous lives of Bollywood Wives
Source: Netflix

If you're thinking of how much a luxury trip to Doha could cost, then here are the deets: 

1. The cost of a round trip from Delhi to Kuwait via the 'Qsuite' or 'Elite' business class of Qatar Airways comes to almost 3 lakhs per person. 

Delhi To Doha Flights
Source: Qatar Airways

2. The group stays at The Mondrian hotel in Doha. The most basic room at The Mondrian costs approximately ₹14,809 for one night. 

Source: The Mondrian

The room that the group booked, the Sky House suite, which as shared on the show has been occupied by stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Jennifer Lopez, etc. in the past, costs approximately ₹1,015,758 per night. 

The Mondrian Room Rates
Source: The Mondrian

3. The Skymasters Sports Club offers various adventure sports, including paratrike flight tours. It's the same company the group booked a tour with.  

An individual paratrike tour, with a regular flight that lasts 20 minutes, costs approximately ₹13,204 and with a VIP flight that lasts 45 minutes, costs approximately ₹22,346.

Flight tour prices
Source: SkyMasters

4. Galeries Lafayette, the shopping mall the group visits, houses brands like Alexa Chung, Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford, Versace, Malachite, etc. 

Galeries Lafayette
Source: iloveqarar

5. A private yacht in Doha costs anywhere between 1 to 3 lakhs, depending on how long you hire the yacht for. 

Yacht in Doha
Source: yokomeshii

Banana Islands is approximately 20 to 30 minutes from Doha. A private yacht is available for a minimum of two hours, and a maximum of six hours. 

Yachts in Doha
Source: 365 Adventures

The floating restaurant the group dined at is the Q Lounge & Restaurants, at the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.

6. A meal at the helipad at Mariott Marquis is available on special occasions only and costs 1250 QAR, which converts to approximately ₹25,393 per person. 

Helipad Dining in Qatar
Source: Marhaba

7. Additionally, a chauffered luxury car service, like a Rolls Royce or BMW 7 Series SUV will cost 350 QAR or approximately, ₹7,000 per hour. 

Cost for hiring BMW in Doha
Source: Prestige Cars

Clearly, the only way we mere mortals are experiencing this luxury trip is through our laptop screens! 

All rates have been calculated using the conversion rate as of date.