Some of the most iconic characters in Bollywood have been mothers. From Mother India to Main Hoon Na, these mommies stood out. So here is a list of our favourite Bollywood mothers over the years, and how they were when they played these roles:

1.  Nargis Dutt in ‘Mother India’

This iconic mother India was only 28-years-old, the same age as the actors who played her sons – Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar when she played this role. And she did a damn good job at it. A year after the film release, Sunil Dutt and Nargis tied the knot. 

2. Shefali Shah in ‘Waqt The Race Against Time’

33-years-old Shefali Shah did a great job at playing the role of 38-year-old Akshay Kumar’s mother in this film. 


3. Jaya Bachchan in ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’

Back in 2001, when this film released, Jaya Bachchan was actually an age appropriate Bollywood mom at 53. She played the mother of 35-year-old SRK and 27-year-old Hrithik Roshan. 

Indian Express / YRF

4. Nirupa Roy in ‘Deewaar’

Mere pass maa hai,” this film was iconic and so was this dialogue. The actor who played the role, Nirupa Roy was 44-years-old when the film released and was the on-screen mother of 33-year-old Amitabh Bachchan and 37-year-old Shashi Kapoor. 


5. Anushka Shetty in ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’

In this 2017 film, a 36-year-old Anushka Shetty played the powerful role of Prabhas’ mother after playing his wife in the previous instalment. Prabhas was 38-years-old when this film released. 


6. Reema Laagu in ‘Vaastav’

Reema was brilliant in this film and her role as a gangster’s mother definitely set her apart. But did you know that she was just 41-years-old when she played the mother of 40-year-old Sanjay Dutt in this movie. 


7. Rakhee Gulzar in ‘Karan Arjun’

Rakhee was 48-years-old when she said the famous dialogue “Mere Karan Arjun aayenge,” on the silver screen. 30-year-old Shah Rukh and Salman Khan played her sons in this film. 

Mumbai Mirror

8. Kirron Kher in ‘Main Hoon Na’

Bollywood’s favourite on-screen mother, Kirron Kher was 53-years-old when she played Ram and Laxman’s in Main Hoon Na


9. Rohini Hattangadi in ‘Agneepath’

A 35-year-old Rohini played the memorable role of 48-year-old Amitabh Bachchan’s mother in this film.