Have you guys played PUBG yet? I am assuming that you’ve, considering that none of you lives under a cave? 


Anyhow, most of us, PUBG aficionados like the real life guns used in the game be it, the M16 or the VSS sniper! And we have always wondered how these guns actually work in real life.


Well, YouTuber Texas Plinking, did us a solid and showed us exactly what we wanted.


In a 13-minute video produced by him, he shows us a range of weapons, from the pans to the pistols to the Scar-Ls and the M16s. 

BTW, if you are ever in an actual gunfight, the pan won’t help you stop any bullets. Even revolver shots can blast holes in the thing.

Guns are pretty damn expensive and not so easily accessible, even by US standards. So some of the guns in the video are not exactly the ones you use in the games but they come pretty damn close.

Although, as many a mystical teacher has advised their apprentices to practice caution, we would like to do the same.

Guns may seem ‘cool’ but they should not be a necessity in real life and hence, do not get tempted to buy them. They are extremely lethal weapons and should not be a part of your kitchen!


On a personal note, try and find the Groza in the game. It isn’t in the video because it was introduced only in the last season. Anyhow, you will find it only in crates. 


So if you manage to retrieve one without getting shot from every place on earth, remember, it’s the quickest way to a chicken dinner.