The greatest moments in cinema are chosen considering a number of different variables that the viewer might consider to their liking. They could be because of the drama, the linchpin moment in the movie’s plot or just for the visual splendour. 

But these iconic movies scenes and shots look a little different off the camera. Taking a peek at how the people viewed these moments behind the scenes and shot them could help give you some perspective.

Here are what some of the most memorable movie moments looked like from behind the curtains.

1. That’s right. That MGM logo lion – Leo – is the real deal.

2. For those of you who thought the Star Wars story intro was digital.

3. Hope we didn’t ruin this moment for you.

4. My word. The tragedy. Looks like they both could have made it.

5. That scene where they walk up the perpendicular street in Inception. Here it is.

6. The epic maze from The Shining.

7. The revolving room from 2001: A Space Odyssey. So many questions are answered.

8. Can’t let the man lose. Not even for lunch break.

9. I could have fit Minas Tirith in my living room.

10. And here I was thinking they actually pulled it off.

11. So many memories with this moment.

12. They actually blew up this White House miniature for the Independence Day movie scene.

13. Can’t look at Colossus the same way again.

14. The man who choreographed the Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. Can you ape an ape?

15. Marlon Brando rarely memorised his dialogues. Hence, Robert Duvall flaunting the cue cards.

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These moments are never going to be the same.

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