They’ve done it again. Every season of Game of Thrones has this one episode that really blows your balls off (excuse my language), and with the release of The Spoils of War… well it’s safe to say I miss my balls.

The highlight of this whirlwind of an episode had to be the loot train ambush, which showcased everything ranging from the Khal’s battle techniques to Drogon’s weird jawline. Shooting this scene was obviously a bitch, and you really have to marvel at how they managed to pull off certain scenes.

The crew had to use a number of cameras of highly different varieties to get the shots just right.

The whole of season 6 had 11 scenes of Daenerys riding the dragon, this episode had 80. Emilia sits on the back of a motion base that’s then animated in concert with the movements of the dragon. It looks huge and magnificent, even though it’s actually shot on a stage in Belfast in front of a green screen!

This episode also broke the record for the most number of people on fire on TV. There was a scene where 20 stuntmen had to be on fire at the same time, something that was task in itself as you have to hold your breath when the fire is lit.

Watch the full video below!

There’s a lot of questions we’ve got for what happens next. A lot of burning questions indeed. 

All images from YouTube.