It is everyone’s favorite time of the year. Cities are adorned with lights and colors to celebrate the upcoming days. Markets are overflowing and trains and flights are booked to the brim. Diwali is about homecoming for those living away for work or education. However, not everyone can do so.

However, should that mean that you don’t celebrate at all? Absolutely not. Here are some ways to beat the festive blues and celebrate Ghar waali Diwali alone.

  1. Lights Up!
Alone Decor
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The fun of Diwali is not a single-day affair. It lies in the preparations. You can get yourself in a festive mood by indulging in some shopping and revamping your space by decorating it with fairy lights and flowers.

2. Friends are family

For people living away from home, friends become family. This might be the perfect time to visit your friends and celebrate the festival with them. A Diwali party with poker and dress-up never hurt anyone.

Either visit them at their homes or arrange a small get-together at your place. This way you would be spending the day with people you love.

3. Treat Yourself To Diwali Delicacies

Festivals lose half their meaning without delicious food. There are so many dishes to choose from that we are spoilt for choices.

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Go ahead and indulge in sweets, chocolates, or other sweets. This way you would feel closer to home. Give the calorie count and fitness goals a diwali ki chutti too!

4. Show your face on facetime

Though you cannot celebrate Diwali week with your family, you are not as far away from them, thanks to technology. You can be connected with them through video calls during pooja or decor. Ask them what they are doing and tell them your plans.

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This would ring in the nostalgia but definitely make you feel closer to them. Now, if your family is something you miss, don’t forget to call them and see their cheerful smiles. While gazing at all the celebrations at home would make you long for home, you will also feel really happy.

5. Spread the light

Light up your festival by making someone else’s Diwali brighter. Visit an orphanage or help someone in need. The sheer happiness on their face will light up your day.

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There is no better way to celebrate Diwali than by making others happy, especially the less fortunate. Even if you’ve already done it, go ahead and do it again. They are celebrating as well, so the smallest of gestures will make them happy.

6. Drunk dance to Bollywood songs

What is better than getting drunk alone? Doing so while dancing to Bollywood music. Nothing can lift you up like the perfect 2000s and 2010s Hindi dance music.

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While you might be sad, it’s a fun idea to unleash your inner Mithun da or Hrithik and dance tipsy to celebrate the festival.

7. Treat yourself to a spa day

Maybe Diwali’s holiday is the only day you have to unwind and relax. After all, pampering yourself is also a celebration. As long as you’re doing something that makes you more happy than usual, it’s a celebratory activity. You can spend the day with an at-home spa session. 

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Slap on a face pack, put some cucumber slices on your eyes, and sit back to unwind. While everybody else around you is running around making arrangements for Diwali, you will be de-stressing and relaxing.

8. Walk Around Your Neighbourhood

Diwali is one of the most beautiful festivals, and for good reason. All around you, there are sparkling strings of lights adorning, colorful rangolis, bright sparklers, and vibrant firework patterns in the sky. 

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If you enjoy photography or your Instagram feed, you can go on a walk or a photo walk around your neighborhood. You can marvel at the beauty of the city and your neighborhood, even if you are alone.

9. A Zoom party

The sad part is that you are alone. The maybe-less-sad part is, a lot of people are alone. Invite your social media friends and followers who, like you, happen to be by themselves.

Diwali alone virtual party
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You can dress up and have a virtual Zoom party, ask everyone to bring their own mithai. Maybe not with family, but it could be fun to spend Diwali bonding with strangers, and making some new friends along the way. 

10. Gratitude List

You might be away from your family, but hey, at least you are lucky enough to have a bunch of people who love you unconditionally! Diwali is an opportune time of the year to count your blessings.

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If you’re feeling bogged down by being alone, you can make a gratitude list. It is an instant cheer me up and will also put a lot of things in perspective. Lost in the humdrum of existence, we tend to forget the little things that make our lives worth living. This might be the perfect night to fondly remember them all. 

12. Community Events

Just because you’re away from home, doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Check out if there are any Diwali melas near your house or visit a temple.

Image Courtesy- We Are Gurgaon

Spending Diwali at home is an ideal situation but celebrating by meeting new people isn’t that bad an idea.

Festivals are what you make them and finding joy is the perfect way to celebrate and be grateful.