Trust is the bedrock of any relationship. But before you put that trust in someone, it’s important to have faith in yourself. Infidelity is one of the biggest fears of a relationship and sadly destroys a lot of things. You don’t want to be cheated on by your partner, and you also don’t want to live in the fear of cheating. Redditors have some tips on how one can cope with the fear of cheating in a relationship.

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1. “Firstly: trust. secondly: it goes both ways. It’s like two cars approaching, going opposite ways on a two-way road. you both have to trust that the other won’t decide to wreck.”

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2. “You can’t cope with it. All you can do is love yourself to the point that if it does happen, you will handle it correctly and know that you don’t deserve it and leave. Most of the time if a person knows you’re confident, they will chase after you and won’t cheat. Do your own thing is a life lesson.”


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3. “By bringing them down from that high pedestal. Value yourself and work on your self-worth. Then if they actually cheat on you, it won’t destroy you. You’ll know you deserve MUCH better and you’ll be capable of simply walking away without any drama.” 


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4. “I just had to let it go, the anxiety would sometimes do more damage. This world is all about disappointment and change as a constant. I had to Learn to live with it as a companion instead of an enemy.”


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5. “I fully trust my partner. We’ve talked about cheating because I’ve been cheated on. The fear was real for a long time until we talked, and honestly still talk about it when it crosses my mind. So that’s how I cope I suppose. Talk to them about it. It helps.”


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6. “Try to focus on the present. It’s easy to get caught up in worries about the future. It’s also natural to have concerns in any relationship, so work through them together with your partner and it will make your bond stronger.”


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7. “By accepting that if they wanna cheat they will, and what comes after that will be me dipping out. There are plenty of people who won’t cheat on you, find one. I can’t control what someone else does/will do but I can control what I do. I’m leaving.”


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8.” Trust is a big part. Cant over think things. You also have to realize that you can only control so much. Free will is real. Stay positive and enjoy every moment with your partner and keep the relationship active and fun. Live in the moment and be spontaneous.”


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9. “There is literally no point worrying about it. That’s how we (insecure people) cope. Like it’s a waste of time and energy, and can actually just push your partner away. It’s fine to feel worried or paranoid sometimes, or jealous or whatever, but you have to just communicate when appropriate, not react, and let it go as often as you can. It’s also all about self-esteem, so working on that helps. But you literally cannot stop someone from cheating on you and you’ll make yourself sick if you try.”


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10.” If they cheat on you it’s something wrong with them and that’s not something you can fix or trust once broken. I look at it as you can live life worrying about it or live your life. You won’t change the outcome no matter what.”


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11. “If the person I’m with didn’t cheat on me, there’s no reason to think they will. If I had a reason to suspect it, sure. But then you either take steps to find out, or you end the relationship.


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12. “If you’re worried that everyone, regardless of situation or circumstance, is cheating on you then seek therapy. This could be rooted in deeper issues of abandonment, paranoia, etc. If you’re worried that the particular person you’re with is cheating on you, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate being with that person. A relationship can only function based on trust.”


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13. “You can’t really control it so you just need to deal with it if the moment comes. Worrying in advance has 0 benefits. Also, work on self-esteem, make sure that if it’s going to happen, it will not be the end of the world to you.


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14. “If it’s a generalized fear of cheating, you have to realize that your fear has nothing to do with the person you’re with, and everything to do with you. This might indicate that you have some trust issues, which will inhibit your ability to genuinely connect with someone. Personally, I went to therapy. Not for fear of cheating specifically, but working on myself more addressed this as well as a side effect.”


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15. “If you have to worry, that means the relationship is likely won’t last, regardless of whether there is any cheating actually going on. TRUST is the foundation of any good, committed, long-term relationship. Distrust will poison it.


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