Apart from the laughable VFX and unserious dialogues, another bit about Om Raut’s Adipurush that perplexed the audience was the choice of the star cast. Many of us could not view Prabhas, with his moustache and combative demeanour, as anybody past Bahubali.

And it’s not that the team did not give a good performance, but given their characters weren’t explored in great detail, it is difficult to laud someone in particular.

Having said that, Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh gave a compelling performance, even though his attire looked incredibly silly.

Adipurush cast Saif Ali Khan Lankesh Ravana

But we wonder how the movie would have panned out had the star cast been different. With this chain of thought, we consulted the ‘hot favourite’ ChatGPT to suggest the perfect cast for Adipurush.

The AI response had us wondering if the film would’ve been any different and better with a new star cast. Here’s what ChatGPT suggested:

1. Raghav – Hrithik Roshan

ChatGPT’s reasoning: “Hrithik Roshan is an acclaimed Bollywood actor known for his dynamic performances and physicality. He has shown his ability to portray heroic characters in films like ‘Jodhaa Akbar‘ and ‘Krrish.'”

Hrithik Roshan as Raghav Adipurush

2. Janaki – Deepika Padukone

ChatGPT’s reasoning: “Deepika Padukone is an accomplished actress who has showcased her talent in a range of roles. She displayed the ability to convey strength, vulnerability, and grace, in films like ‘Padmaavat‘ and ‘Piku.'”

Adipurush dream cast according to ChatGPT
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3. Lankesh – Ranveer Singh

Yes, NOT the Alauddin Khalji look.

ChatGPT’s reasoning: “Ranveer Singh is a versatile actor who can bring intensity and charisma to complex characters. His portrayal of Alauddin Khilji in ‘Padmaavat‘ demonstrated his ability to portray powerful and villainous roles.”

Adipurush perfect cast
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4. Bajrang – Vicky Kaushal

ChatGPT’s reasoning: “Vicky Kaushal is a talented actor who has displayed versatility and commitment in his performances. He has the ability to bring both innocence and strength to the character, as evidenced by his roles in films like ‘Masaan‘ and ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike.‘”

cast for Adipurush

5. Shesh – Rajkummar Rao

ChatGPT’s reasoning: “Rajkummar Rao, a critically acclaimed actor, is known for his versatility and ability to bring depth to his characters. He has shown his talent in both intense and light-hearted roles, making him a suitable choice for portraying Laxman’s righteous and loyal nature. Rao’s performances in films like ‘Newton,’ ‘Trapped,’ and ‘Stree‘ showcase his acting prowess and his ability to bring nuanced emotions to his characters.”

ChatGPT perfect cast for Adipurush
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But, even with a different cast, the movie can only go so far with bad writing and caricaturish visual effects.