In recent times, the censor board has gained a notorious tag after logging heads with film makers for posing objections over content. However, in a seemingly refreshing change, Hrithik Roshan starrer, Mohenjo Daro has reportedly been passed without a single cut. 

Reportedly, the film features three passionate kisses between the Hrithik and actress Pooja Hedge, which have not been altered.

Confirming the development, a board member told DNA,

“The three kisses in Mohenjo Daro have been left untampered. The film has been passed without a single verbal or visual cut, with a UA certificate.”

Talking about the subject, Hrithik said he wasn’t expecting any cuts and told DNA,

“I wasn’t expecting any cuts, to be honest. But I am glad nevertheless. As for the kisses being left intact, I guess they came across as they were meant to, as manifestations of pure love. Vulgarity is always in the intention and expression. And we never went that way.”