Rajkumar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar’s latest film Badhaai Do is getting praise for its refreshing portrayal of the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community in India. At many places in the movie, tears will roll down your eyes. It is so relatable to small-town middle-class Indians.

Based on the concept of lavender marriages, Badhaai Do is a story of Shardul Thakur, a gay cop, and Sumi, a lesbian PT teacher. The two get married to escape the family pressure and challenges of coming out in Indian society.

While there are several things that could have been done differently in the film, let’s talk about the one thing that will stay with the audience for a long time to come. The song that summarises it all beautifully – Hum Rang Hai.

The song comes towards the end of the movie during a pride parade in the city. From its lyrics to picturization, the song has already become everyone’s new favourite. 

The lyrics of the song have been written by Varun Grover. Each and every word makes so much sense in the context of the movie.

Apni yeh duniya utni haseen hai 
Jitni hai haseen hum hai 
Jahaan pe bhi tu hai jahan pe sukoon hai 
Ab toh wahin hum hai.

Dil ka raasta pyaar se bhara 
Apna kaafila pyaar se chala 
Udd rahe hai khul rahe hai 
Rooh mein hi ghul rahe hai.
Hum rang hai aur roshni 
Ke sang hai hum sang hai 
Hum rang hai har roshni 
Ke sang hai hum sang hai.

The audience’s favourite part is where Shardul puts on a rainbow mask and dances to the song along with the entire LGBTQ+ community while on police duty. It is the moment of self-acceptance in public.

This is the moment our eyes were full of tears of joy, change and hope.


What do you think about the song? You can listen to the complete song here.