The world works in mysterious ways and is full of surprises. What we see is not what the truth is.

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And, this is especially true for 256 small-time shopkeepers in Kanpur who after a probe, turned out to be literal millionaires. Shocking right? Let me tell you how. 

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The Income Tax Department did a GST registration check in Kanpur using big data software and found out that these shopkeepers have not paid any taxes other than the GST registration in the last few years thereby collecting a huge amount of money. 


Over the years, they were able to save so much money that they have bought land worth ₹372 cr. 

According to News18, they have bought lands in posh areas of Kanpur such as Swaroop Nagar, Aryanagar, Hulaganj, Birhana Road, Gumti, and Pirod.


Not just that, as per the same report, two sanitation workers from Beconganj and Lalbangla have managed to collect properties worth more than ten whopping crores. 

While a snack seller from Mallroad is paying a handsome amount of ₹1.25 lakh as rent for TWO different carts. 


Next in the line are small grocery workers and druggists who have followed suit and become millionaires in return. In fact, they are not even registered with the GST records. 

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And, then there’s me who cannot even get an appraisal.