Like. Love. Comment. Share. Repeat. Social media has seamlessly become a super important part of our lives. So much so that we don't even notice how it has affected us and the world around us. 

The meteoric rise of social media has also given rise to a new breed of crimes. Everyday, we only have to turn on the news (or read it on our phones) to know how even crime has evolved in the digital age. And in such precarious times, we should all be slightly more aware of the choices we make and what their repercussions could be. 

These are the kind of stories that Hungama Play's new original series, Kashmakash, is bringing to us. The show narrates five unique stories of modern-day crimes in India and the dilemma that the victims of these crimes go through when choosing between right and wrong. In a unique twist, each episode has an alternate ending. This highlights the two ways in which one can deal with a crime, and we get to see what different outcomes would be like. Here's what you can expect from the five stories. 

1. Jiya 

Starring Abigail Pande, this episode highlights the pressure a young social media influencer faces in order to keep up pretences. Unwilling to come to terms with her mental disorder, she gets hounded by a blackmailer who is set on using her disorder and her fame against her. 

2. Rampur Rocks 

Rampur rocks is set in a tiny village, where the admin of a local WhatsApp group spreads fake news for his own gain, until he gets stuck in the web of lies he has spun. Starring Sharad Malhotra and Anjum Fakih, Rampur Rocks is a relevant take on the prevalent issue of fake news and aims to sensitise the audience to the impact of sharing unverified news. 

3. Chat Talk

Chat Talk is about an innocent stay-at-home mom, who finds validation and a huge fan following on a social media app. But when some of her fans turn into stalkers, her life turns upside down. The episode stars Vahbbiz Dorabjee as the housewife and EIjaz Khan as her husband. 

4. Puff Puff Pass

Puff Puff Pass is the story of a girl who refuses to quit drugs. Her personal situations and the pressures of living in a digital age don’t help either. When she accidentally discovers a shocking secret about the drug supply nexus, her life further spirals out of control. The episode is headlined by Lavina Tandon and Abhishek Kapur.

5. Hidden Gem

Anjum Fakih and Abhishek Kapur star in Hidden Gem as a celebrity couple on a holiday, who are insistent on letting the world know about every detail of their trip. But this oversharing and inability to let go of social media lands them in grave danger, reminding us that sometimes it’s best to keep certain things private.

All of these stories are based on relatable crimes that we all have seen or heard of. The ensemble cast and their performances make the situations they are in even more believable. The show reminds us that the world we live in is home to more complexity and crime than we're willing to admit. And it also goes on to highlight that we always have a choice, even in difficult situations. Check out the trailer of the show here.

If these stories have left you intrigued and you want to see what the show has to offer, go check out Kashmakash on Hungama Play.