Meet Anshul Sinha, a young man who is redefining the filmmaking scene in India with his hard-hitting documentaries based on social issues.

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This Hyderabad-based filmmaker has worked on around 41 films till now which have helped him win 102 national and international awards. 

It all started when Sinha decided to film with his mobile camera in 2011. He was 21 then. Six years have passed, from farmer suicides and organ donation to biomedical waste, he continues to make movies on social issues, with just one intention of creating awareness. Not just that, shooting for some of the movies also resulted in death threats but he came out like a winner.  

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The sad part is that no producer is willing to produce his movies, and that is why he is self-funding them from day 1. 

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The story of his recent movie, Gateway to Heavenrevolves around the life of a man named Rajeshwar Rao, who has conducted the last rites of 12,000 unclaimed dead bodied in the last 20 years in Hyderabad and how he is fighting the organ mafia illegally supplying dead bodies across India. No surprises here, again he didn’t get any producer to sponsor his film and worked in night shifts to collect money. With still no response from any producer, Sinha booked a theatre in Hyderabad himself, self-marketed and released the film in December 2015. Now you can see this very film being screened and winning accolades in several national and international film festivals. He said to The Hindu – 

“The film took two years to make and it was almost like he ‘was with the dead bodies for two years. I worked for 18 hours a day and would just go directly to the sets after office. Although we had created dummy dead bodies, it felt real. Once the film got over, I went into severe depression and couldn’t sleep during the nights and used to recite Hanuman Chalisa.”
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When asked about what inspires him to keep going, he told Rediff –

“If we had not shot the first film, those blind kids wouldn’t have got computers… the old man wouldn’t have reunited with his son… someone had to do it. If your intent is good, you will find a way out. You have to keep going, keep trying.”
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Even under such challenging circumstances, he continues to impact the lives of people through his films. What a man!

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