Disclaimer: The following post contains spoilers from Money Heist Season 5 Part 1. 

When Money Heist first started, I was mildly annoyed by Tokyo’s incessant rule-breaking, but it paled in comparison to the annoyance, or rather, the anger that Arturo generated every time he appeared on the screen.

Money Heist

And after seeing him create one problem after the other, and turn increasingly perverted, he replaced even the villains I grew up hating and I was convinced I could not hate any character more than I hated him.

And then came Gandía!


César Gandía, the chief of security for the Bank of Spain, seemed like just another glorified guard in Season 3. And then Palermo egged him on to the point where he not just escaped but wrecked complete and utter havoc. Not to mention, he shot an injured Nairobi in cold blood! 

The Cinemaholic

But the reason I hate him is because of how he perversely enjoys taunting and killing the Professor’s team members. 

Yes, they are robbers and Gandia is the Bank’s chief of security. So one could easily argue that he was simply doing his job. 


But the pleasure he takes in shouting sexist comments at Tokyo and passing racist remarks on Nairobi makes it evident that he is not a super-assassin, but simply, a fascist in official clothing. 

While the Professor’s team members continuously show their humanity and help the hostages, Gandia goes on a rampage, hurts a wheelchair-bound Nairobi, and tortures Tokyo in captivity.

Of course, he wastes no chance in passing off homophobic remarks towards Helsinki, despite the fact that it’s Helsinki who stitches him up!


He proves, time after time, that the only difference between him and psychopathic villains is that he has the official license to carry out criminal acts. 


One could say he was simply indulging in psychological warfare along with actual warfare but he actually enjoyed killing and hurting his victims, and he wasn’t doing it because it was a job. 

He wasn’t a disciplined soldier but rather, a trigger-happy, violent jerk who actually disobeyed his Major’s orders (in the latest season) and led to his fellow army men getting hurt, simply because Tokyo taunted him. 


Simply put, he was not an army officer protecting the country, but an egoistic prick who reveled in violence. And he totally deserved the punches, and the blast, that came his way in the last season!