If like me, you religiously have a Schiit’s Creek marathon once in a while, you’d know that David and Patrick’s relationship has broken all bounds and shunned all the stereotypical tropes associated with the LGBTQIA community.


With their imperfectly-perfect relationship and relatable hardships, this iconic couple has given us some major relationship goals, while teaching us a lifetime worth of lessons. 


But the most memorable scene that has stayed with me even after the show wrapped up is the one where Patrick strums his guitar and dedicates ‘Simply The Best’ to David, during the open mic. 

I know for a minute you’d think that I’m fixating on David’s ‘butter voiced beau’ and his amazing talent, but the truth is, it’s the way Patrick looks at David in a room full of people that has left an imprint on my hopeless romantic heart. 


I mean serenading someone with a love song is a great romantic gesture but feeling each and every lyric of the song as you express your love is what makes the moment special. 

And that is exactly the way Patrick looked at David when he was singing his heart out. I mean you could not only listen to the passion oozing out in his voice but could also see the warmth of it in his eyes. 

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And believe it or not, Patrick’s look changed the way the room was feeling. All of a  sudden everybody vibed to the song as they felt the love. 

Do you remember how David was against the idea of hosting an open-mic in the apothecary? Well, I swear I saw a few tears in his eyes.   

And that song for sure jived through Moira Rose’s high standards and comforted her unimpressible heart. 

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I mean there was something so magical about how Patrick poured all his emotions for David and put it in a song. It gave me some major goosebumps and for a moment made me feel the love from a screen. 

If you have often wondered what true love sounds and looks like, this is it, folks. I’m telling you, this is the closest single people are getting to feeling the warmth and comfort of true love, at least in 2020. 

If you already have someone who looks at you the way Patrick looked at David while singing in his butter-licious voice, hold on to them. 


And if you’re still looking for your soulmate, make sure that they look at you the way Patrick looks at David throughout this song. Make this expression of love a formal criteria, I know I am going to.