The best film of 2019, War just completed a year and nothing could ever beat the (bro)mance between Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan in the film. 

Kabir and Khalid are obviously, very close. They fight bad guys together, go to war together and have saved their country.

But do you even remember the first time Khalid saw Kabir? The pure love? The undivided attention? I have only ever looked at cheesy peri peri fries that way. Not to mention the heartbeat background score, now that's chemistry. 

Not to mention their synchronised dance sequences and the intense eye-contact that had us a 100% convinced that these two belong together. 

When Kabir's subordinate says that she'd love to elope with him, Khalid has the perfect response - "Get in line." No need to get territorial. 

At the end of the film, I'm left with just one question. Where is the someone who would go through hell just to impress me, where is the Tiger to my Hrithik?