Over the years, Dhadkan has joined the ranks of one of Bollywood’s most popular (and cheesiest) romance sagas. It certainly can be credited for giving us iconic songs, and even more iconic dialogues. 

However, in my humble (and broke-ass) opinion, the story that would have resonated more with the audience was not of Dev, Ram, and Anjali’s love triangle. But rather, of Dev’s rags-to-riches story. 


Dev is ‘rejected’ by Anjali’s family because of his financial status. And, in typical Bollywood fashion, he exacts revenge on the family and vows to win back Anjali by gaining a lot of wealth. 

Now, I definitely don’t agree with the concept of exacting revenge. But, what I am undoubtedly curious about is, how in the world did Dev manage to become a millionaire in just three years? 


I mean, six years of working in the industry, and the only million I have reached is the number of unread emails in my inbox. 

And all that I’ve gained after a breakup are a million and one conversation screenshots, to be shared, discussed, and analyzed with friends. 


But Dev somehow manages to become a business tycoon in just three years? So, unless there was a fairy godmother or genie involved, I want a YouTube tutorial to this story. Hell, I’d even sit through a Ted talk for this one! 

Of course, I’ve thought of the obvious suspects – crime and drugs. But, I’ve seen enough crime documentaries (okay, I’ve seen Welcome twice) to know that it takes time to win the trust of criminals. 

So, unless we’re blaming it all on luck or destiny, I think we need a spin-off on Dev’s story. 

Even if it’s fiction, that’s one film I’d happily watch – especially since the pandemic and the film 2012, have convinced me that only rich people and old paintings will survive the apocalypse. So, what better time than now to request for Dev’s story?