Disclaimer: The following article contains major spoilers for To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You. Viewer discretion is advised, read at your own risk. 

Unless you've been living in an isolated igloo with no internet you'd know that Lara Jean and Peter are this generation's "IT" couple. I mean a charming athlete and a beauty with brains come together because of a bunch of notes and letters in high school and it's all so dreamy and I was totally rooting for it. 

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So after a wait of almost a year, I was all set with a box of tissues to root for Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You, but looking at Lara Jean's love triangle situation, I think I might have changed sides. 

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Remember when Kitty (Lara jean's sister) posted all her five letters to the sender's address? Well, do you remember Lara Jean's 6th-grade crush John Ambrose McClaren who she met during the Model United Nations? Yeah, he's back. 

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Now I love Peter Kavinksy a.k.a Noah Centineo to the core and he's perfect and all that but honestly, I think Lara Jean should have chosen John Ambrose Mcclaren. Hear me out, I have my reasons , here's why:  

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The story picked up from Peter taking Lara Jean to her first date. Their first date was literally so perfect that I started sobbing by the end of it.

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All was perfect and lovey-dovey in Kavinsky and Covey's world until a letter from her 6th grade's crush John Ambrose McClarren pleasantly shocked and confused Lara Jean. 

And while Lara Jean was reading his letter, her heart literally skipped a beat as she took a trip to nostalgia town with Mr. Ambrose's letter (who also happened to remember each and every single detail from their childhood).

When Lara Jean choose to not reply to his letter, fate was all set to throw them together. Their luck and destiny was playing tricks on them. Unknowingly, they both ended up volunteering at the same nursing home together.  

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I mean, believe it or not, it was literally the best "meet-cute" moment I'd seen in a long time. I can't imagine what Lara Jean was going through bumping into her 6th-grade crush (who by the way knew that she had feelings for him), I mean I can't imagine what'll happen if I physically stumble upon my childhood crush. 

And honestly, it was pretty evident that Lara Jean was thinking about her childhood crush who was still the man of his dreams despite having a gorgeous boyfriend. She was still confused about which letter meant more to her. 

TBH, I loved how they bickered over the letter when Lara Jean wanted it and Ambrose decided to loan it to her so that she had a fair idea of what she had written.  

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And let's be honest, at least Ambrose didn't lie to Lara Jean about his feelings and made the effort to pen them down, while Peter kept on going back to his ex-girlfriend without telling Lara Jean. 

And while Peter was subtly called Lara Jean out for not dressing up enough for his games, Ambrose made her feel comfortable in her feel good about herself, in a way that she was proud of who she was.

Let us not forget, when these childhood lovebirds decided to dig out the time capsule with their squad, Lara Jean made peanut butter cupcakes (Ambrose's favourite), even though Peter prefers salted caramel. Does that not giveaway who Lara Jean likes more? How is it not obvious yet?

And um, can we please not forget how this perfectly nice boy didn't come empty-handed to the little reunion? He got pizzas! And can we please acknowledge that Peter was being quite annoying about Ambrose getting the pizza, it's not like Lara Jean asked him to get it or something. 

Remember when Ambrose was being the perfect gentlemen and asked Lara Jean if she needed help to clean up. By this point in time, Peter was just being an over-possessive asshole who snapped at Ambrose for offering to help. 

When Ambrose came to know that Lara Jean and Peter were dating, he didn't sit up on his high, egoistic horse and stay mad at Lara Jean when she apologised, in fact he had the perfectly composed reaction:

And when he told Lara Jean how she empowered a litter Ambrose to be called with his middle name, it was just so positive and wholesome. 

And can we please address how he appropriately apologised for telling Lara Jean when he told her the story of how he was about to ask her for the 6th grade dance because he thought that she was still with Peter?  

And when these childhood lovebirds finally gave it a shot, the moment Ambrose had the slightest hint that Lara Jean had her doubts, he stated the obvious and backed out without making her feel bad about it. 

Now don't get me wrong I love Noah a.k.a Peter but in this movie he kind of was an over-protective boyfriend who lied to Lara Jean more than twice, hurt her and didn't even try to have a conversation with her after they broke up. 

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Now you tell me, was Lara Jean right in making the choice that she did? Leaving a perfect gentleman and her childhood crush to be with a man who hurt her so much?